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Инструкция по эксплуатации Jackson, модель AJ-64CS

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You must contact the carrier within 48 hours of receiving the machine. Also, contact the dealer through which you purchased the unit. UNPACKING THE DISHMACHINE: The machine should be unboxed and removed from shipping pallet prior to being installed. Open the front door and remove all of the packing materials. Once unpacked, ensure that there are no missing parts from the machine. This may not be obvious at first. If it is discovered that an item is missing, contact Jackson immediately. LEVEL THE DISHMACHINE: The dishmachine is designed to operate while being level. This is important to prevent any damage to the machine during operation and to ensure the best results when washing ware. The unit comes with adjustable bullet feet, which can be turned using a pair of channel locks or by hand if the unit can be raised safely. Ensure that the unit is level from side to side and from front to back before making any connections. You will be able to adjust the overall height of the unit by turning the bullet feet from between 75-1/2” to 76-1/2”. PLUMBING THE DISHMACHINE: All plumbing connections must comply with all applicable local, state, and national plumbing codes. The plumber is responsible for ensuring that the incoming water line is thoroughly flushed prior to connecting it to any component of the dishmachine. It is necessary to remove all foreign debris from the water line that may potentially get trapped in the valves or cause an obstruction. Any valves that are fouled as a result of foreign matter left in the water line, and any expenses resulting from this fouling, are not the responsibility of the manufacturer. Water hardness should be a maximum of 6 grains per gallon. Harder water should be treated prior to using the machine. Iron in the water supply can cause staining. A filter designed to remove iron from the supply water is highly recommended for supplies in excess of 0.1 ppm (parts per million). CONNECTING THE DRAIN LINE: The drain for the models covered in this manual are gravity discharge drains. All piping from the machine to the drain must be a minimum 1 1/2” NPT and should not be reduced. There must also be an air gap between the machine drain line and the floor sink or drain. If a grease trap is required by code, it should have a flow capacity of 30 gallons per minute. WATER SUPPLY CONNECTION: Ensure that you have read the section entitled “PLUMBING THE DISHMACHINE” above before proceeding. The supply water temperature must meet the minimum requirements listed on the machine data plate. Install the water supply line (3/4” pipe size minimum) to the dishmachine line strainer. It is recommended that a water shut-off valve be installed in the water line between the main supply and the machine to allow access for service. The water supply line is to be capable of 25 PSI “flow” pressure at the recommended temperature indicated on the data plate. If the water level is too low or too high, check the incoming water pressure. It should be 20 ± 5 PSI. Too high of pressure results in too much water; too low of pressure results in too little water. To adust the regulator, loosen the nut at the top, this will allow you to screw or unscrew the adjustment. With a screwdriver, turn the adjuster clockwise to increase pressure or counter clockwise to decrease it. Do not confuse static pressure with flow pressure. Static pressure is the line pressure in a “no flow” condition (all valves and services are closed). Flow pressure is the pressure in the fill line when the fill valve is opened during the cycle. It is also recommended that a shock absorber (not supplied) be installed in the incoming water line. This prevents line hammer (hydraulic shock), induced by the solenoid valve as it operates, from causing damage to the equipment. Adjusting screw Locking nut Incoming Plumbing Connection Frame with Adjustable Foot SECTION 2: INSTALLATION/OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS (CONTINUED) STEAM LINE CONNECTIONS: Some machines covered in this manual are designed to use low pressure steam as a source of heat for wash tank water. The machines come with lines by which outside source steam needs to be connected. Connect all incoming steam lines in accordance with the steam booster manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure that all applicable codes and regulations are adhered to. See machine data plate for information concerning steam flow pressure. GAS CONNECTIONS: Some machines covered in this manual are designed to use gas as an outside source of heat for wash tank water. The machines come with connections by which an outside source needs to be connected. Connect all incoming gas lines in accordance with the gas booster manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure that all applicable codes and regulations are adhered to. PLUMBING CHECK: Slowly turn on the water supply to the machine after the incoming fill line and the drain line have been installed. Check for any leaks and repair as required. All leaks must be repaired pr...

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