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Инструкция по эксплуатации Servis-Rhino, модель F-4123C

Производитель: Servis-Rhino
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• Store the loader in a clean, dry place resting securely on parking stands at ground level. • Use spray touch-up enamel where necessary to prevent rust and maintain the appearance of the loader. OPS-L-0010_B Parking Stand . OPERATION © 2010 Alamo Group Inc. OPERATION 1585 01/11 Operation Section 4-39 9. Transporting the Tractor and Implement Never allow children or other persons to ride on the Tractor or Implement. Falling off can result in serious injury or death. (SG-10) Transport only at speeds where you can maintain control of the equipment. Serious accidents and injuries can result from operating this equipment at high speeds. Understand the Tractor and Implement and how it handles before transporting on streets and highways. Make sure the Tractor steering and brakes are in good condition and operate properly. Before transporting the Tractor and Implement, determine the proper transport speeds for you and the equipment. Make sure you abide by the following rules: Test the tractor at a slow speed and increase the speed slowly. Apply the Brakes smoothly to determine the stopping characteristics of the Tractor and Implement. As you increase the speed of the Tractor the stopping distance increases. Determine the maximum transport speed not to exceed 20 mph (30 kph) for transporting this equipment. Test the equipment at a slow speed in turns. Increase the speed through the turn only after you determine that the equipment can be operated at a higher speed. Use extreme care and reduce your speed when turning sharply to prevent the tractor and implement from turning over. Determine the maximum turning speed for you and this equipment before operating on roads or uneven ground. Only transport the Tractor and Implement at the speeds which allow you to properly control the equipment. Be aware of the operating conditions. Do not operate the Tractor with weak or faulty brakes or worn tires. When operating down a hill or on wet or rain slick roads, the braking distance increases: use extreme care and reduce your speed. When operating in traffic always use the Tractor’s flashing warning lights and reduce your speed. Be aware of traffic around you and watch out for the other guy. (SG-19) Before transporting the tractor and Loader engage the loader valve travel lock to prevent inadvertent contact with the joystick controller causing sudden dropping of the loader and attachment. If the loader attachment, such as a bucket, were to drop suddenly and hit the ground while transporting, the tractor could stop immediately resulting in the operator hitting the steering wheel or flying our of the operator’s seat. Serious injury could result. (SL-04) OPERATION © 2011 Alamo Group Inc. OPERATION 1585 01/11 Operation Section 4-40 Lower the loader to the bed of the truck or trailer when transporting the tractor and loader with a truck. Measure to ensure the transport height does not exceed the legal limits. Contact with overhead obstructions or power lines can cause property damage or serious injury. (SL-34) In case of mechanical difficulty during operation, place the transmission in the park position, set the parking brake, shut down all power, including the PTO and the engine and remove the key. Wait until all rotating motion has stopped before dismounting. (SG-39) Inherent hazards of operating the tractor and implement and the possibility of accidents are not left behind when you finish working in an area. Therefore, the operator must employ good judgement and safe operation practices when transporting the tractor and implement between locations. By using good judgement and following safe transport procedures, the possibility of accidents while moving between locations can be substantially minimized. OPS-L- 0031 Before transporting the tractor and loader, idle the tractor engine. When transporting, carry the loader as low as possible maintaining adequate ground clearance and visibility. Reduce tractor ground speed when transporting a load. Take extra care when traveling over rough terrain or on slopes. OPS-L-0011 Before transporting the tractor on a public roadway or boarding a trailer for transport, the tractor brake pedals should be locked together. Locking the pedals ensures that both wheels brake simultaneously while stopping, especially when making an emergency stop. Use extreme caution and avoid hard applications of the tractor brakes when towing heavy loads at road speeds. Never tow the implement at speeds greater than 20 MPH (32 kph). OPS-U-0018 OPERATION © 2010 Alamo Group Inc. OPERATION 1585 01/11 Operation Section 4-41 9.1 Transporting on Public Roadways Make certain that the “Slow Moving Vehicle” (SMV) sign is installed in such a way as to be clearly visible and legible. When transporting the Equipment use the Tractor flashing warning lights and follow all local traffic regulations. (SG-6) Extreme caution should be used when transporting the tractor and implement on public roadways. The tractor must be equipped with ...

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