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Инструкция по эксплуатации Brown Stove Works, модель 60 Range

Производитель: Brown Stove Works
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Cook complete oven meals instead of just one food item. potatoes, other vegetables, and some desserts will cook together with a main-dish casserole, meat loaf, chicken, or roast. Choose foods that cook at the same temperature and in approximately the same time. Use residual heat in the oven whenever possible to finish cooking casseroles, oven meals, etc. Also add rolls or precooked desserts to warm oven, using residual heat to warm them. GENERAL INFORMATION • Range may be installed directly against rear walls and side base cabinets. It may not be installed directly against side tall cabinets, sidewalls, or tall appliances. See “Wall Clearances” Figure 1 & 6. • Electrical requirements: 120 volts, 60 Hz, 15 amps. Dual-fuel ranges 120/240 volts, 60 Hz, 20 amps. • Natural gas: 4.0” WC, propane 10.0” WC. • Residential exhaust vent hoods may be installed above the range. Provide properly sized exhaust fans for efficient operation, no sprinklers are required. • If this range is removed for any reason, service or cleaning, etc., it must be replaced as outlined in the installation instructions before placing the range back in operation. Field Adjustments All ranges are tested before leaving the factory. Field adjustments are necessary for proper operation. The range must be installed and adjusted by a qualified technician. Final adjustments and/or conversions from one gas to another are not covered under the warranty. WARNING!!! ALL GAS MODELS ARE EQUIPPED WITH A POWER CORD WITH A THREE PRONG GROUNDING PLUG FOR YOUR PROTECTION. DO NOT CUT OR REMOVE THE GROUNDING PRONG FROM THIS PLUG. CAUTION!!! ALL CONTROLS ROTATE COUNTER-CLOCKWISE TO OPERATE. NEVER ROTATE CONTROLS CLOCK-WISE FROM THE "OFF" POSITION. THIS WILL DAMAGE CONTROLS AND VOID WARRANTY CLAIMS. Contact your dealer for the name of their authorized Service Agency. If none is available, contact the corporate office for the nearest authorized Service Agency in your area. Phone (800) 251-7485. Top Burners All burners have electronic ignition. Standard top burners have “manual” ignitors. Sealed top burners (if equipped), oven burners, griddle and grill burners have flame-sensing ignitors. To light the top burners, push the knob in and turn counter-clockwise to the “LITE” position. As soon as the knob reaches the “LITE” position, you’ll hear a “clicking” sound. The knob operates both a gas valve and an electric switch. If you don’t hear a clicking sound, turn the knob off and check the electric connection, fuse or circuit breaker if necessary. After ignition, on standard burner models, rotate the knob slightly clockwise out of the “LITE” position. This turns off the electricity to the electrodes and the clicking will stop. DON’T LEAVE THE KNOB IN THE “LITE”: POSITION . . . it will shorten the life of the electronic system. On sealed burner models, if equipped with flame sensing ignitors, the clicking sound stops after ignition. Each time a knob is placed in the “LITE” position all electrodes will spark. There are electrodes under the top for each pair of burners and one for the griddle. There is one electrode in each broiling section for the oven burner. In the event of a power failure you may light the top burners with a match. Hold lighted match near the surface burner and turn knob counterclockwise to the “LITE” position. See Oven and Griddle Burners section for instructions to light the oven burner in the event of a power failure. Page 14. Final Preparation Stainless Steel New units are wiped clean with solvents at the factory to remove any visible signs of dirt, oil, grease, etc. remaining from the manufacturing process, then coated with a thin film of mineral oil. Some stainless steel parts may have a plastic protective wrapper which must be peeled off. The range should be washed thoroughly with hot, soapy water to remove these film residues and any installation dust or debris before being used for food preparation, then rinsed and wiped dry. Solutions stronger than soap and water are rarely required. All stainless steel body parts should be wiped regularly with hot, soapy water and with a liquid cleaner designed for this material. If buildup occurs, do not use steel wool, abrasive cloths, cleansers, or powders! If it is necessary to scrape stainless steel to remove encrusted materials, soak with hot, wet cloths to loosen the material, then use a wood or nylon scraper. Do not use a metal knife, spatula, or any other metal tool to scrape stainless steel! Scratches are almost impossible to remove. A light coat of oil such as Johnson’s Baby Oil may be applied periodically to the stainless steel surfaces. This will help prevent moisture from penetrating the stainless surfaces. Once the unit is installed as outlined in the Installation Instructions (pages 3-6) it is important that the air supply to the unit remains open. The oven air supply comes through the front floor area under the range. The surface burners get air from the area below the control panel. THESE A...

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