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Инструкция по эксплуатации Seagate, модель BARRACUDA 7200.7 ST340014A

Производитель: Seagate
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If using a 40-pin 80-conductor cable, attach the blue connector to the motherboard, the black connector to the master drive and the grey connector to the slave. Caution. Align pin 1 on the motherboard connector with pin 1 on your drive connector. Pin 1 is marked by a stripe on one side of the cable. 2. Secure the drive using four 6-32 UNC mounting screws in either the side- mounting or bottom-mounting holes. Insert the screws no more than 0.20 inches (5.08 mm) into the bottom-mounting holes and no more than 0.14 inches (3.55 mm) into the side-mounting holes. Note. Do not overtighten the screws or use metric screws. This may damage the drive. 3. Attach the interface connector and the power connector to the drive. Configuring the BIOS Close your computer case and restart your computer. your computer may automatically detect your new drive. If your computer does not automatically detect your new drive, follow the steps below. a. Restart your computer. While the computer restarts, run the System Setup program (sometimes called BIOS or CMOS setup). This is usually done by pressing a special key, such as DELETE, ESC, or F1 during the startup process. b. Within the System Setup program, instruct the system to auto detect your new drive. c. Enable LBA and UDMA modes, if available and then save the settings and exit the Setup program. When your computer restarts, it should recognize your new drive. If your system still doesn’t recognize your new drive, see the troubleshooting section on the back of this sheet. BIOS Settings Drive Model Formatted Gbytes Total Sectors* Cache ST3200822A 200.0 390,721,968 8 Mbytes ST3200821A 200.0 390,721,968 2 Mbytes ST3160023A 160.0 312,581,808 8 Mbytes ST3160021A 160.0 312,581,808 2 Mbytes ST3120026A 120.0 234,441,648 8 Mbytes ST3120022A 120.0 234,441,648 2 Mbytes ST380013A 80.0 156,301,488 8 Mbytes ST380011A 80.0 156,301,488 2 Mbytes ST340014A 40.0 78,165,360 2 Mbytes *One sector equals 512 bytes. Preparing the drive using DiscWizard Installing a single drive If you are installing a single drive, we recommend using DiscWizard to automatically partition and format your drive. DiscWizard software is available at and is free. During the download, the Diskette Creator creates a portable bootable diskette. To run DiscWizard: 1. Insert your bootable DiscWizard diskette and follow the instructions. DiscWizard will guide you through the installation process. 2. Boot your computer from the Windows operating system CD-ROM or from your system startup diskette with the Windows CD loaded. At the prompt, type setup. Follow the instructions provided on your screen. Installing a slave drive If you are installing a second drive, or slave, to your system, use the DiscWiz ard software available at If you do not want to install your drive using either DiscWizard or Disk Manager, see “Standard Microsoft Installation” below to partition and format your drive. Standard Microsoft installation Caution. Partitionin...

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