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Инструкция по эксплуатации Vixen, модель R-335N

Производитель: Vixen
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.. Shorten a leg which is the nearest the inclination of the vial or extend the furthest leg and draw the vial to the center. .. The other one leg is put, and next, expand and contract and put the vial in the center. At this time, the foot is not hung to the ferrule and the position of the ferrule does not shift. 3-5 Leveling with Electronic vial [Electronic vial screen] 1. If the Laser key is pushed, it becomes a display screen in the Electronic vial. 2. It returns to the former screen by the [ESC] key. .. When R-300 instrument is seen at the position of ..Left circle position", the screen in the electronic vial becomes a relation with a correct movement of the vial. Please note that the movement of the vial becomes opposite direction if it sees at the position of ..Right circle position". .. When instrument is within the tilt compensation range, length and sidewise..3', “ON” is displayed at the right screen, “ OVER” is displayed beyond the limits of range and “NIL” is displayed at no compensation setting. .. With command No "520" or "Initial setting 2", when the [TILT DISP] is selected as ON, the [F1 -TILT] of the vial screen becomes effective. The Vial tilt value is indicated when pushing the [TILT] key. With “TILT DISP.UNIT” of the Initial setting 2, 5” or 2” can be selected. Electronic vial T.COMP ON LD POINT PLUM ADJ SENS. P20 [Leveling] ................ Rotate instrument horizontally and make two Leveling screws arbitrarily chosen parallel to the display. ................ Turn on the Electronic vial function by pushing the Laser key. Put the vial of the Circular vial in the center of the circle when it is displayed on the display screen, ..TILT OVER.. confirmation " . ................ Turn two Leveling screws arbitrarily chosen in an opposite direction mutually and put the vial of the horizontal Electronic vial in the center. (Figure A) ................ Put the vial of the lengthwise Electronic vial in the center by operating the Leveling screw of one remainder. (Figure B) ................ The procedures are different according to the state of the Automatic inclination correction. [When using the Automatic inclination correction by 2 axes ] Please read procedure .. because the horizontal angle and the perpendicular angle error by a perpendicular axis are automatically corrected. [When using the Automatic inclination correction by 1 axis ] The instrument is horizontally rotated by 180 degrees after the vial of an Electronic vial is adjusted on the center at a Left circle position side and confirm that the vial of the vial is at the center at the right circle position. [When using the Automatic inclination correction by 0 axis ] ................ Confirm the vial is at the center even if the instrument is rotated by each 90...Confirm whether the instrument is on the ground mark. When you can confirm it is just on the mark loosen the center screw and move the instrument on the ground mark correctly and fix the instrument by a center screw. Repeat from .. to ... 3-6 Eyepiece Adjustment Eyepiece adjustment The eyepiece adjustment is performed before target sighting. ................ Remove the telescope lens cap. ................ Point the telescope at a bright object, and rotate the eyepiece ring full counter-clockwise. ................ Look through the eyepiece, and rotate the eyepiece ring clockwise until the reticle appears as its maximum sharpness. .. When looking into the eyepiece, avoid an intense look to prevent parallax and eye fatigue. ..When it is hard to see the reticle due to poor brightness, press Illumination key to illuminate it . For adjusting intensity of brightness, refer to page X. Leveling screw P21 3 PREPARATION FOR SURVEYING........ [Target sighting by Auto focus] The Auto focus of R-300 series has following two modes. 1. Normal mod...

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