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Инструкция по эксплуатации KONUS, модель 80

Производитель: KONUS
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• To see information and data about the displayed object, press the INFO key. • To slew to the object displayed, press ENTER. • To see the next tour object, press the Down key. C CCo oon nns sst tte eel lll lla aat tti iio oon nn T TTo oou uur rr In addition to the Tour Mode, the NexStar telescope has a Constellation Tour that allows the user to take a tour of all the best objects within a particular constellation. Selecting Constellation from the LIST menu will display all the constellation names that are above the user defined horizon (filter limits). Once a constellation is selected, you can choose from any of the database object catalogs to produce a list of all the available objects in that constellation. • To see information and data about the displayed object, press the INFO key. • To slew to the object displayed, press ENTER. • To see the next tour object, press the Up key. 19 D DDi iir rre eec cct tti iio oon nn B BBu uut ttt tto oon nns ss The NexStar has four direction buttons in the center of the hand control which controls the telescope motion in altitude (up and down) and azimuth (left and right). The telescope can be controlled at nine different speed rates. 1 2 3 4 5 = = = = = 2x 4x 8x 16x 32x 6 = .5. / sec 7 = 1. / sec 8 = 2. / sec 9 = 4. / sec Nine available slew speeds R RRa aat tte ee B BBu uut ttt tto oon nn Pressing the RATE key (11) allows you to instantly change the speed rate of the motors from high speed slew rate to precise guiding rate or anywhere in between. Each rate corresponds to a number on the hand controller key pad. The number 9 is the fastest rate (approximately 4. per second, depending on power source) and is used for slewing between objects and locating alignment stars. The number 1 on the hand control is the slowest rate (2x sidereal) and can be used for accurate centering of objects in the eyepiece. To change the speed rate of the motors: • Press the RATE key on the hand control. The LCD will display the current speed rate. • Press the number on the hand control that corresponds to the desired speed. The hand control has a "double button" feature that allows you to instantly speed up the motors without having to choose a speed rate. To use this feature, simply press the arrow button that corresponds to the direction that you want to move the telescope. While holding that button down, press the opposite directional button. This will increase the speed to the maximum slew rate. When using the Up and Down buttons on the NexStar 60 and 80, the slower slew rates (6 and lower) move the motors in the opposite direction than the faster slew rates (7- 9). This is done so that an object will move in the appropriate direction when looking into the eyepiece (i.e. pressing the up arrow button will move the star upwards in the field of view of the eyepiece). However, if any of the slower slew rates (rate 6 and below) are used to center an object in the Star Pointer, you may need to press the opposite directional button to make the telescope move in the correct direction. S SSe eet tt U UUp pp P PPr rro ooc cce eed ddu uur rre ees ss The NexStar contains many user defined setup functions designed to give the user control over the telescope's many advanced features. All of the set up and utility features can be accessed by pressing the MENU key and scrolling through the options: Tracking Mode Once the NexStar is aligned the tracking motors will automatically turn on and begin tracking the sky. However, the tracking can be turned off for terrestrial use: Alt-Az This is the default tracking rate and is used when the telescope has been properly aligned. EQ North Used to track the sky when the telescope is polar aligned using an equatorial wedge in the Northern Hemisphere. EQ South Used to track the sky when the telescope is polar aligned using an equatorial wedge in the Southern Hemisphere. Off When using the telescope for terrestrial (land) observation the tracking can be turned off so that the telescope never moves. Note: The EQ North and EQ South tracking modes are only needed with telescopes that can be polar aligned. The NexStar SLT series are exclusively Alt-Az mounted telescopes and do not require equatorial tracking. 20 Tracking Rate - In addition to being able to move the telescope with the hand control buttons, the NexStar will continually track a celestial object as it moves across the night sky. The tracking rate can be changed depending on what type of object is being observed: Sidereal This rate compensates for the rotation of the earth by moving the telescope at the same rate as the rotation of the earth, but in the opposite direction. When tracking in Alt-Az mode, the telescope must make corrections in both altitude and azimuth. Lunar Used for tracking the moon when observing the lunar landscape. Solar Used for tracking the Sun when solar observing using a proper solar filter. View Time-Site -View Time-Site will display the last saved time and longitude/latitude entered...

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