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Инструкция по эксплуатации Applica, модель LitterMaid LME5500MR

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• Press in on four corners of lid to secure lid to the waste receptacle, pull up from both sides making sure to hold lid and receptable together; lift out and dispose (W). Disposable waste receptacles are available in packages of 12 or 18 and may be purchased through your local retailer, by visiting us at our website at or by calling us at 1-800-738-0245. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can. Rake Removal & Cleaning Removing the rake: The rake can be removed for easy cleaning. We recommend wearing rubber or latex gloves when handling the soiled rake. • Be sure rake is in the home position and unit is turned off. • Grasp rake ledge underneath logo and slide up and off of unit. • Clean rake with a soft cloth using warm water and mild detergent. Do not use scouring pads or harsh or abrasive chemicals. Spray rake lightly with nonstick cooking spray or a silicone spray before reinstalling. Note: Rake may be cleaned while installed by using the LitterMaid® triple-action tool. Paw-Cleaning Ramp: The carpet is made of 100% polypropylene and latex foam. To Clean: X • Remove mat by gently pulling on the fabric strip provided (X). • The mat is held in place by 5 tabs and will remove easily. • Remove and clean carpet by using a vacuum cleaner. • To return it to its original position, reinsert carpet under the tabs. It is not necessary to remove the plastic ramp to clean the mat. Note: For small stains, moisten a sponge with mild detergent and cold water; wipe to clean. Do not use soaps or chemical cleaners, as they may be harmful to your cat. Caution: Do not place carpet in washer or dryer. Do not vacuum carpet when it is wet. 13 Troubleshooting Rake continues to go through cleaning cycles. Probable Cause: • Too much litter in the litter box is causing excess litter to collect behind the rake, preventing it from returning to home position or there is an obstacle in front at the rake. If the rake cannot move an obstacle during the cleaning cycle, the unit will go through a cleaning cycle up to five times in an attempt to clear the obstacle. If unsuccessful, the rake will return to its home position, and the green light will blink slowly (1 time per second), indicating that the rake has encountered an obstacle it cannot move. Solution: 1. Press the ON/OFF button to turn unit OFF. Important: When the On/Off button is in the Off position it only disables the rake function. 2. Clear the obstacle. Be sure litter in tray is just below the "Full Line". Level litter on litter tray evenly and use the LitterMaid® triple-action tool to measure the level of the litter in the center of the unit. Full Line will not be visible if tray is overfilled. 3. Press the ON/OFF button ON. 4. The rake will run through a complete cleaning cycle. When cycle is finished, the unit is ready for use. Unit does not operate 10 minutes after cat leaves. Probable Cause: • Dusty sensors Solution: 1. Wipe each sensor with a soft, dry cloth. 2. Press the ON/OFF button to turn unit OFF. Important: When the On/Off button is in the Off position it only disables the rake function. 3. Press the ON/OFF button ON. 4. Unit will run through a cleaning cycle. 14 Unit does not completely clean litter box. Probable Cause: • Low-quality litter. Solution: 1. Do not use non-clumping, crystal or pearl-like litter. 2. Use only hard clumping litter. Unit does not operate when you press ON/OFF button to turn unit ON. Important: When the On/Off button is in the Off position it only disables the rake function. Probable Cause: • Power outage • Faulty or non-activated outlet • Old batteries Solution: • Check batteries and outlet • Use batteries in case of power outage • Switch to battery power Probable Cause: • Incorrectly installed or dead batteries. Change the batteries once yearly (batteries should only be used as backup). Solution: 1. Press the ON/OFF button OFF. 2. Open battery compartment; check to see that batteries are correctly installed. 3. Press the ON/OFF button ON. The unit should perform a whole cleaning cycle. 4. If unit does not operate, replace batteries with fresh ones and try again. 5. If unit does not operate with fresh batteries, try it with the AC adapter. 6. Green light should come on. If it does not, there is a problem with the AC adapter or batteries. Probable Cause: • AC adapter does not work Solution: Press ON/OFF button OFF and check the following: Important: When the On/Off button is in the Off position it only disables the rake function. 1. The AC adapter plug is inserted fully into the input jack. 2. The power outlet is operating. (you may wish to double-check by plugging unit into another outlet). 3. Wait a few seconds and turn unit on again. Green light should come on and the unit should perform a complete cleaning cycle. 4. If unit still does not operate, press ON/OFF button OFF and unplug the AC adapter. 5. Operate the unit on battery power only. Waste clumps adhere to the surface of the litter tray. Probable Caus...

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