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Инструкция по эксплуатации Petsafe, модель PDT00-12892

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General Tips Introducing the Remote Trainer: Introduce your PetSafe® collar when your dog graduates from puppy stage and understands basic obedience commands - usually from 4-6 months old. Avoiding a “Collar Wise” dog: Try to avoid letting your dog become “collar wise”, obeying only when wearing the PetSafe® collar. Similarly, avoid letting the dog learn to obey only when seeing the Transmitter in your hand. This is easy to prevent (see #2 in the following Training Recommendations section). Training Sessions & Determining Vibration or Static Stimulation Levels: Keep your training sessions short and watch your dog’s reaction - your pet will tell you what level of Vibration or Static Stimulation is appropriate to use and when to release the button. Please refer to page 12 for additional information for finding the best Vibration or Static Stimulation Level for your pet. Stopping Unwanted Behavior: When stopping unwanted behavior, it is suggested to use higher levels of Vibration or Static Stimulation - the pet should be convinced that his unacceptable actions (not you) caused the annoying sensation to happen. Dogs First Learn One Command: Focus on learning one command before moving on to another. When teaching a command like “heel, come, sit or down”, many trainers recommend using low levels of Vibration or Static Stimulation. The dog quickly learns to turn off or completely avoid the unpleasant sensation. Reinforcing Known Commands: To reinforce commands the dog already knows, it is suggested to use medium Vibration or Static Stimulation Levels. This teaches the dog to respect instructions by always listening and obeying. Note: Using praise or treats to reward the correct response is great for encouraging the dog, but it is suggested you and your family members always remain the dog’s leader. Dog Training Recommendations 1. When Training Begins: Training starts the moment you bring your puppy home. While it will not be ready for the PetSafe® products until the dog has matured, you should begin basic training immediately. 2. Remain the Leader: Stop your dog from becoming “collar wise”. An easy solution known as “Collar Conditioning” will help prevent the dog from listening only when wearing the Receiver and disobeying when he is not wearing it. First, fit the Receiver Collar on your dog. Second, 14 Customer Care Center 1-800-732-2677 immediately take your dog outside or do something he enjoys; don’t activate the Receiver. Let the dog wear it during non-training sessions. Your dog should believe wearing the Receiver Collar can also result in having fun. It should not be perceived as punishment. Place the Receiver Collar on and off the dog at various times for short or longer periods to make wearing it a normal routine. Similarly, don’t let the dog learn to obey only when he sees the Transmitter. Also carry the Transmitter, but don’t use it all the time. How long should this process take? Professional trainers’ opinions vary from a few days to a couple of weeks. 3. Focus on the Dog: Professional trainers’ opinions vary on some issues, but all users of remote training systems strongly recommend watching your dog, not the transmitter, when training. PetSafe® products are specifically designed to make this task simple. It is easy and you should find the point where your dog first perceives the Vibration or the Static Stimulation. See Find the Best Vibration or Static Stimulation Level for Your Pet on page 12. 4. “Good Dog” in the Home or Outside: Stopping unwanted behavior is easy using the PetSafe® Remote Trainers. Your dog can be good in and out of the house. Remember to be fair to the dog and remove temptation whenever possible. Following are some guidelines for teaching basic obedience commands. Teaching Basic Obedience The “Sit” Command 1. Put a separate, non-metallic collar on your pet’s neck ABOVE the Receiver Collar, and attach a long leash. Note: Be sure the extra collar does not put pressure on the Contact Points. 2. Hold your leash and Handheld Transmitter in one hand. To start with Vibration, press and hold the Top Button (light blue) while saying “Sit” and if necessary using your free hand to guide your pet into a “Sit” position. Release the Top Button immediately when your pet sits. Repeat this several times. 3. If your pet sits reliably on receiving the Vibration and the spoken “Sit” command, then training is complete. Release your pet from the “Sit” position and praise him. If not, move on to Step 4 (only on the PDT00-12894 Remote Trainer with Vibration PLUS model). 4. Hold the leash and Handheld Transmitter in one hand. Using the Recognition Level for your pet, press and hold the Middle Button (medium blue on the PDT00-12894 model) to deliver a quick Vibration followed by controlled Static Stimulation, or the Bottom Button (dark blue on the PDT00-12894 model) to deliver a quick on/off Static Stimulation followed by controlled Static Stimulation, while saying “Sit” and if necessary ...

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