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Инструкция по эксплуатации Advantech, модель UNO-1170E

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This feature lets you simply and quickly build an RS-485 network with just two wires. More importantly, application software previously written for half duplex RS232 environments can be maintained without need for modification. UNO-1170 User Manual 10 2.3.4 RS-232/422/485 Selection COM2 and COM3 support 9-wire RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 interfaces, and you can set corresponding jumpers to select serial ports as RS-232 or RS-422/485 interfaces shown in Table 2.2. Please note to reset the system to adapt this configuration change The system detects RS-422 or RS-485 signals automatically in RS-422/ 485 mode. Table 2.2: Selecting RS-232/422/485 (COM2&3) Serial Port Corresponding Jumper to Select RS-232/422/485 COM3 CN13 Jumper Setting for RS-422/485 Interface: (Default Setting) Figure 2.5: RS-422/485 Jumper Settings Jumper Setting for RS-232 Interfaces: Figure 2.6: RS-232 Jumper Settings 11 2.3.5 Terminal Resistor Setup for RS-422/485 The onboard termination resistor (120 Ohm) for COM2/COM3 can be used for long distance transmission or device matching. (Default Open.) Each terminal resistor responds to different channels for RS-422/485. Usually, these resistors are needed for both ends of the communication wires and the value of the resistors should match the characteristic impedance of the wires used. Table 2.3: Terminal Resistor Settings COM port Switch No. Pin Setting Description COM3 SW3 1 ON 120 Ohm between Data+/ Data- (RS-485) Or 120 Ohm between Tx+/Tx- (RS-422) OFF Open (Default) 2 ON 120 Ohm between Rx+/Rx- (RS-422) OFF Open (Default) 2.3.6 RS-485 Auto Flow & RS-422 Master/Slave Mode You can set the “Auto Flow Control” mode of RS-485 or “Master/Slave” mode of RS-422 by using the SW2 DIP switch for each RS-422/485 port. In RS-485, if the switch is set to “Auto”, the driver automatically senses the direction of the data flow and switches the direction of transmission. No handshaking is necessary. In RS-422, if DIP switch is set to “On,” the driver is always enabled, and always in high or low status. UNO-1170 User Manual 12 Table 2.4: Auto Flow & Slave/Master Selection SW2 DIP Switch Setting COM Port Mode Selections 1 2 O N COM2 RS-422: Slave mode RS-485: Auto flow control COM3 RS-422: Slave mode RS-485: Auto flow control 1 2 O N COM2 RS-422: Master mode RS-485: N/A COM3 RS-422: Slave mode RS-485: Auto flow control 1 2 O N COM2 RS-422: Slave mode RS-485: Auto flow control COM3 RS-422: Master mode RS-485: N/A 1 2 O N COM2 RS-422: Master mode RS-485: N/A COM3 RS-422: Master mode RS-485: N/A 2.4 LAN: Ethernet Connector The UNO-1170 is equipped with two Realtek RTL8100CL Ethernet LAN controllers that are fully compliant with IEEE 802.3u 10/100Base-T CSMA/CD standards. The Ethernet port provides a standard RJ-45 jack onboard, and LED indicators on the front side to show its Link (Yellow LED) and Active (Green LED) status. Please refer to A.4 for its pin assignments. 2.5 Power Connector The UNO-1170 comes with a Phoenix connector that carries 10~36 VDC external power input, and has reversed wiring protection. Therefore, it will not cause any damage to the system by reversed wiring of ground line and power line. Please refer to A.5 for its pin assignments. 13 2.6 LED Indicators • There are five kinds of LEDs on the UNO-1170 front panel • PWR: system power status • IDE: IDE bus status • Txn, Rxn: Serial communication status of COM Port n • DIAG: a programmable LED indicator to show a systems status • BTR: Replace battery when this LED is active 2.7 PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse Connector The UNO-1170 provides a PS/2 keyboard and PS/2 mouse connector. A 6-pin mini-DIN connector is located on the rear panel of the UNO-1170. The UNO-1170 comes with an adapter to convert from the 6-pin mini- DIN connector to two 6-pin mini-DIN connectors for PS/2 keyboard and mouse connections. Please refer to Appendix A.6 for pin assignments. 2.8 Universal Serial Bus Connectors The USB connector is used for connecting any device that conforms to the USB interface. Many recent digital devices conform to this standard. The USB interface supports Plug & Play, which enables you to connect or disconnect a device whenever you want without turning off the computer. The UNO-1170 provides two connectors with USB interfaces, which gives complete Plug & Play and hot swapping for up to 127 external devices. The USB interface complies with USB specification version 1.1 compliant. OpenHCI, Rev. 1.0. The USB interface can be disabled in the system BIOS setup. Please refer to Appendix A.7 for its pin assignments. 2.9 VGA: VGA Display Connector The UNO-1170 provides a VGA controller (Intel 855/852 GME, supports a single 1.5V accelerated graphics port interface) for a high resolution VGA interface. It supports CRT Mode: 1920 x 1440 @ 32bpp (60Hz), 1600 x 1200 @ 32bpp (85Hz); and up to 64 MB shared memory. UNO-1170 User Manual 14 2.10 RESET: Reset Button UNO-1170 provides a reset button on the top of the device. 2.11 Audio UNO-1170 supports audio function wit...

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