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Инструкция по эксплуатации American DJ, модель WR-80

Производитель: American DJ
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The WR-80 requires some assembly. Please read the following instructions before installing or using your new unit. The WR-80 has a 2 year limited warranty! CAUTION! - Keep this device away from rain and moisture! VHF High Frequency One Channel Wireless Microphone System Features: • Uni-directional VHF Wireless Microphone • Quartz Crystal Oscillator • Volume Control • Power On/Off Switch (Microphone & Receiver) • 8 Frequencies Available • "Battery Low” Light On Microphone This system comes with: • 1 x Uni-directional VHF Wireless Microphone • 1 x Receiver • 3-foot 1/4” Mic Cable • 12V DC Power Supply Operation Instructions: (1) Connect 12V DC Power Supply to proper voltage. Turn power button ON, the red LED on WR-80 receiver will be lit. Then connect system up as per figure 1. (MIC OUT on rear of the WR-80 receiver is connected to the MIC IN on an amplifier or Karaoke machine. Or, LINE OUT on the rear of the WR-80 receiver may be connected to the Karaoke AUX IN). (2) Open the battery case on bottom of the microphone.and add 9V battery (sold separately). After turning the ON SWITCH on the microphone, the red BATTERY lOw LED will flash once indicating that the microphone is ON. (3) After the microphone has been turned ON, the WR-80 receiver red LED TUNING light will come ON. The red LED indicates that a signal from the microphone has been received. Turn the volume knob for desired microphone volume. Precautions: (1) Load the battery properly in accordance with the diagram inside the microphone battery case. If the microphone is not in use, turn its power switch OFF. When system is not in use, disconnect from power. (2) When battery on the wireless microphone is low, the red BATTERY LOW LED will come ON. Be sure to turn OFF microphone and receiver before changing the battery. WR-80 User Instructions page 2 /Itn&Uazn AUDIO User Instructions Precautions (Cont).: (3) Each time you use the WR-80 microphone system use the following procedure: a. First, turn ON power to the WR-80 receiver. Then, turn ON wireless microphone. b. When shutting down system, first, turn OFF the wireless microphone. Then, turn OFF power to the WR-80 receiver. Warranty & Service The WR-80 has a 2 year limited warranty. Mail in warranty card as soon as possible. For service, contact your local American DJ® Dealer. Specifications: WR-80 Wireless Microphone • Type: Uni-directional • Frequency Response: 100Hz - 12KHz • Sensitivity: 100dB @ 7KHz FM Deviation • RF Output Power: 50mW (MAX) • Current Consumption: 30mA (Average) • Battery Life: 8 Hours (Average) • Battery Type: 9V 0006P • Weight: .5 lb. / .23kg. • Dimensions: 9.75” H x 2” W / 250 mm x 55mm WR-80 Receiver • Sensitivity: 10uV • S/N Ratio @ 1mV input: 60dB • Output Power: 200 +/- 30mV • Total Harmonic Distortion: 1% • Power Supply: 12V 200mA • Output: 1/4” jack • Weight: .5 lb. / .23kg. • Dimensions: 4.25” Lx 6.25” W x 1.5” H / 110mm x 155mm x 35mm 2 3 / / 5 / 3 POWER LED (fig-1) © A...

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