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Инструкция по эксплуатации Corega, модель BTHS02

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volume down .Transfer/Switch Calls. (While talking on the headset) BTHS02 User Manual 26 Press and hold [.] button for 3 seconds . transfer the call to the mobile phone . press and release [.] button . transfer the call back to headset. .Mute the Microphone. Press and hold both [.] and [.] button for 3 seconds . mute during a call. Press and hold both [.] and [.] button . mute is canceled during a call. .Connect with a PC or PDA. You are allowed to connect the headset with a Bluetooth enabled PC or PDA that is with Audio Gateway Profiles supported. Please refer to the user manual of your Bluetooth enabled PC or PDA for a setup information. 5 BTHS02 User Manual 27 There are 2 ways to wear the headset (either right or left side): .Wearing the headset without ear hook. 1. Directly place the headset into your ear without the ear hook. [Figure 1] .Wearing the headset with a ear hook. 1. Buckle the ear hook onto the headset. 2. You may bend and adjust the hook to fit your ear, then gently place the ear hook onto your ear. (Figure 2, ex: wearing onto left ear.) 3. You may take apart the ear hook and buckle the headset by the contrary way if you want to exchange to the right ear. (Figure 3) .. [Figure 2] .. [Figure 3] 5 Wearing Headset 6 Function Specification 6Function Specification 6.1 Charging the headset The headset comes with an embedded rechargeable battery. For first time use, it should takes about 4 hours to fully charge the battery. Afterward, it takes about 2 hours to fully charge.With battery fully charged, the talk time is about 6 hours, and the standby time will be about 160 hours. 1. Connect the DC Jack Connector with transferred connector as picture shown below. 2. Connect the other side of transferred connector to the rechargeable port of the headset. 3. Plug the charger into the socket of the power supply. 4. Both red and green LEDs of transferred connector will light up. DCJackConnector(SuitableforNokiaMobilephone) Red(Green)LEDCharger Power Supply * Note: 1.Whenthe red indicatoroftheheadsetstartsto flash,itindicatesthatthe headsetisrunning lowonbattery.Chargetheheadsetfor 2hoursuntilthered indicator turns off. 2.The headset doesn’t work while charging. BTHS02 User Manual 29 6.2 Power On/Off the headset .Power On. Press and hold [.] button for 4 seconds. While you see the LED flashes blue light for 4 times and hear two short high tones, release [.] button, then it will be powered on. .Power Off. Press and hold [.] button for 4 seconds. While you see the LED flashes red light for 4 times and hear two low tones, release [.] button, then it will be powered off. 6.3 Pairing You are required to pair the headset with your mobile phone or other devices before using it. 1. The headset must be powered off before initiating pairing. To initiate pairing, press and hold [.] button for 7 seconds until the blue and red indicators of headset are flashing alternatively. If you are wearing the headset during the pairing process, you will hear two short high tones when the headset is ready for pairing. 2. Initiate pairing process of your mobile phone. Refer to the manual of mobile phone for detail process. You will see a new item “CG-BTHS02” added in your Bluetooth device list after searching process. 3. You will be asked to enter pin-code to complete pairing. Please enter [1234] and confirm it. * Note: 1. [1234] is the default pin-code. 2. The red indicator of headset will turn off and the blue indicator will flash slowly after pairing completed successfully. 3. If the headset is not in pairing mode, your mobile phone won’t find the headset. Please set the headset on pairing mode before the mobile phone search for the headset. 4. If no pairing is possible for a period of time (approx. two minutes), the headset will automatically power off, and so the previous pairing (if any) is revoked. You may need to repeat steps 1 to 3 until pairing succeeds. BTHS02 User Manual 6.4 Making Calls Dial the number on the mobile phone as you usually do. 6.5 Redial Press and hold [.] button for 3 seconds to redial the last number you called. 6.6 Voice Dialing Press [.] button, waiting for a beep from headset and say the voice tag or the name of the person you want to call. Press [.] button again to cancel voice dialing. * Note: It depens on the mobile phone which supports the function. And the name you said has been to saved as a voice tag in mobile phone contact listing. 6.7 Answering a call When the headset is powered on and the mobile phone rings, you will hear a musical tone and the blue indicator will change to be quick flashing. Press [.] button to answer the call. * Note: Due to the different design of some mobile phones, an auto-disconnect may happen even when the headset is powered on. In that case, the headset won’t ring when there is an incoming call. Press and release the [.] button to reconnect the headset with mobile phone for an incoming call. 6.8 End a call End calls by pressing and holding [.] button for 3 seconds o...

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