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Инструкция по эксплуатации Turtle Beach, модель Ear Force PX21

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The PX21 pushes your gaming experience to a new level with superior stereo sound and crystal-clear communication over PlayStation Network (PSN), XBOX LIVE® or online PC/Mac gaming. By combining chat with stereo game audio, the PX21 lets you hear the voices of online players along with the game sound, without the need for external speakers and a communicator headset. Features Amplified Audio Enhances game sounds for a more immersive experience. Variable Bass Boost Adds depth and realism to the game audio. Dynamic Chat Boost™ Chat volume automatically increases as the game volume gets louder. In-line Amplifier Quick access to critical gaming audio controls, including chat and game volume. Microphone Monitor Lets you hear what you’re saying while talking. Stereo Expander Widens the sound field for greater directional perception. USB Powered No batteries required. Universal Also works with XBOX 360/PC/Mac. Table of Contents Using the Amplifier pg.1 PS3 Setup pg.3 XBOX 360 Setup pg.7 PC/Mac Setup pg.10 T echnicai Specifications pg. 11 Important Safety Information pg.11 What’s in the Box PX21 Headset with In-line Amplifier XBOX 360 Talkback Cable Stereo Audio Splitter Cable Turtle Beach Sticker User’s Guide Product support and warranty information: TurtleBeach.com/support Using the Amplifier 1 Bass Boost Sets the intensity of bass boost level applied to the game audio. Stereo Expander Switch When “ON”, the Stereo Expander widens the stereo sound field so you can hear more of the sounds on the left and right sides and less in the middle. This can help you hear distant or subtle sound cues in the game. Mic Mute Switch Switch to “Mute” to mute the microphone. Mic Mute LED Turns RED when the mic is muted and GREEN when the mic is on. Game Volume Sets the game sound level. Chat Volume Sets the volume of incoming chat from other players. The Chat Boost feature will automatically increase this volume as the game sound increases, as indicated by the blue LED intensity. Chat Boost™ LED The intensity of this blue LED indicates the amount of Chat Boost applied to the chat signal. The LED intensity increases as Chat Boost increases the level of teammates’ voices in response to louder game sound. XBOX 360 Controller Jack: When using the PX21 with an XBOX 360, connect the included XBOX 360 Talkback Cable from this jack to the XBOX 360 controller 2 PS3 Setup (HDMI) PS3 Setup (AV) Configure PS3 Sound Settings | BO ■ 12/1412:15PM0 ■o. mmm Audio Output Settings % < Q Audio Multi-Output On Sets to output audio through muHipl* connectors not selected In [Audio Output Settings] Is downscaled to 2 Ch. HDMI or Digital (optical) In the PS3 menu, select Settings > Sound Settings > Audio Multi-Output. AV Step 1 In the PS3 menu, select Settings > Sound Settings > Audio Output Settings. Step 2 Select Audio Input Connector / SCART/AV Multi. Step 3 Press X to save this setting. 5 Configure PS3 Accessory Settings ^ Audio Device Settings Sets the auiflo Input and output devices for volceMdeo chat and other communlcatin features. Step 1: In the PS3 menu, select Settings > Accessory Settings > Audio Device Settings. Step 2: Set the Input Device and Output Device to Turtle Beach USB Headset. Step 3: Set the Microphone Level so that the bar graph barely reaches the red area when you speak loudly. Step 4: Select OK. 6 . ¡M> *AII XBOX 360 models may require a Microsoft XBOX 360 Audio Adapter Cable for an analog audio output when used with and HDMI connection (available from third party sellers). XBOX 360® Setup (AV) 8 XBOX 360 Chat Setup Connect the Talkback Cable Configure XBOX 360 Settings Step 1 Press the XBOX 360 Guide Button, select Settings > Preferences > Voice Step 2 Voice Volume = 10 Step3 Game Volume = 10 Step 4 Voice Output = Play Through Headset Voice Voice Volume 10 Game Volume 6 □ Mute Kinect Voice Output • Play Through Headset Play Through Speakers Voice Output 9 PC/Mac® Setup USB Stereo Headset The PX21 functions as a USB stereo headset when connected to a PC or Mac, and appears as Turtle Beach USB Headset in Windows® and Mac operating systems. This lets you assign the PX21 microphone and chat In your game software as a USB audio device. Amplified Stereo Headphones The green 3.5mm plug Is used for sending the stereo game signal...

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