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Инструкция по эксплуатации Audix, модель 4-piece Drum Mic Package DP4a

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These high precision instrument microphones are designed to fill the specific needs of artists and engineers for both studio and live applications. Each of the DP Series packs contain a minimum of two D2s, one D4, one i5 and four DVICE clips. The i5 and D series microphones each have a specifically tuned VLMTM (very low mass) capsule housed in a precision-machined lightweight aluminum body. The D2 is designed to be used for toms and the D4 is designed for floor toms or small kick drums. The D6 is the quintessential kick drum microphone and the i5 snare drum microphone is designed for sonic accuracy, consistency and durability. The ADX51 and SCX condensers are ideal for high hat, overheads, and goodie table. The DVICE gooseneck rim mount allows for quick and easy set up and perfect mic placement. Don’t compromise the sound of your drums. The DP series mic packages will reproduce the sound of your drums exactly how you want your audience to hear them. DP Elite 8 PACKAGED SET OF 8 DRUM MICS Aluminum road case 1 x i5 snare mic 2 x D2 tom mics 1 x D4 floor tom mic 1 x D6 kick mic 2 x SCX1-C overhead mics 1 x SCX1-HC hi-hat mic 4 x DVICE gooseneck clips DP4A DP5A DP7 DP Elite 8 SPECIFICATIONS: SCX1-C / SCX1-HC ADX51 D6 D2 i5 D4 Application Features Transducer Type Frequency Response Polar Pattern Output Impedance Sensitivity @ 1k Maximum SPL Off-axis rejection Power Requirements Housing / Finish Weight Snare (top or bottom), toms, hand percussion, guitar cabs, acoustic instruments Protective steel grill, easy to set up and use, clean, accurate sound Dynamic VLMTM Type B 50 Hz - 16 kHz Cardioid 150 ohms 1.5 mV / Pa .140 dB >23 dB None Die Cast Zinc Alloy / Black E-Coat 183 g / 6.5 ounces Floor tom, djembe, cajon, tumba Extended low end for larger drums, accurate frequency response, natural sound Dynamic VLMTM Type D 40 Hz - 18 kHz Hypercardioid 200 ohms 1.4 mV / Pa .144 dB >20 dB None Machined Aluminum / Black Hard Coat 128 g / 4.5 ounces Overheads, high-hat, acoustic instruments Extremely sensitive and highly accurate sound reproduction Condenser 40 Hz - 20 kHz Cardioid / Hypercardioid 200 ohms 26 mV / Pa / 15 mV / pa .130 dB >20 dB 48 - 52v phantom Machined Brass / Black E-Coat 114 g / 4 ounces Rack toms, floor tom, conga Slight mid-base boost, excellent transient response, big sound Dynamic VLMTMType B 44 Hz - 18 kHz Hypercardioid 250 ohms 1.2 mV / Pa .144 dB >30 dB None Machined Aluminum / Black Hard Coat 128 g / 4.5 ounces Kick drum, floor tom, djembe, cajon Extended low end for larger drums, accurate frequency response, natural sound Dynamic VLMTM Type E 30 Hz - 15 kHz Cardioid 200 ohms 0.8 mV / Pa .144 dB >20 dB None Machined Aluminum / Black Hard Coat 217 g / 7.7 ounces Overheads, high-hat, cymbals, goodie table Accurate reproduction of high frequency instruments, -10 dB pad bass roll-off filter Condenser 40 Hz - 18 kHz Cardioid 100 ohms 18.5 mV / Pa .136 dB >15 dB 9 - 52v phantom Machined Brass / Black E-Coat 184 g / 6.5 ounces OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES: USER TIPS: The following are some ideas as to how the microphones in the packs interact with each other. DP4A [1 x i5, 2 x D2s, 1 x D4]: This package is ideal for a jazz set-up or a small combo kit or as general purpose percussion mics for stage or recording. Note that you will need to acquire the DCLAMP or DFLEX in order to attach the mics to hand percussion instruments. The D4, originally slated for kick drum and large toms before the release of the D6, is excellent for small kick drums, particularly in the studio. Snare and Toms: As a general rule, the i-5 and D2 are meant to be close miked. A good starting point is 2 inches above the rim with the mic pointing towards the center of the head. For more “rim” sound, pull the mic back closer to the rim. For more resonance and depth of field, pull the mic further away from the head. The trick is to find the right balance between resonance and attack while still controlling bleed from the other drums. DP5A [1 x i5, 2 x D2s, 1 x D4, 1 x D6]: This package is identical to the DP4A with the addition of the D6 kick drum mic, allowing the D4 to be used on floor tom. To position the D6, a good starting point is a few inches inside the port of the front head with ...

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