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Инструкция по эксплуатации Elektra Beckum, модель Compressor Pump Mega 350 D

Производитель: Elektra Beckum
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Do not use the power cable for any purpose it is not intended for. A Risk of personal injury by escaping compressed air and parts hurled about by escaping air! Never direct compressed air against persons or animals! Ensure all air tools and accessories used are designed for the working pressure or are supplied via a pressure regulator. Please note that, when disconnecting the quick coupler, the compressed air contained in the pressure hose will escape all of a sudden. You should therefore hold the air hose firmly when disconnecting it. Ensure all screwed connections are fully tightened at all times. Do not attempt to repair the device yourself! Only trained specialists are permitted to service or repair compressors, pressure vessels and air tools. A A Hazard generated by oil-saturated compressed air! Use oil saturated compressed air only for air tools requiring such supply. Do not use an air hose used to supply compressed air containing oil to supply air tools not designed for operation on compressed air containing oil. Do not fill tires with compressed air containing oil. A Risk of burns from the surfaces of parts carrying compressed air! Let tool cool off before servicing. A A Risk of personal injury and crushing by moving parts! Do not operate the electric tool without installed guards. Please note that the compressor will start automatically when the pressure falls off to minimum! – disconnect from power supply prior to any servicing. Ensure that when turning ON (e.g. after servicing) no tools or loose parts are in the electric tool. A A Hazard generated by insufficient personal protection gear! Wear hearing protection. Wear safety glasses. Wear mask respirator when work generates dust or mist detrimental to health. Wear suitable work clothes. When working outdoors wearing of non-slip shoes is recommended. A A Hazard generated by electric tool defects! Keep electric tool and accessories in good repair. Observe the maintenance instructions. Priot to any use check the electric tool for possible damage: before using the electric tool carefully check safety devices, protection devices or slightly damaged parts for proper function as specified. Check to see that all moving parts work properly and do not jam. All parts must be correctly installed and meet all conditions necessary for the proper operation of the electric tool. Damaged protection devices or parts must be repaired or replaced by an qualified specialist. Have damaged switches replaced by a service centre. Do not operate electric tool if the switch can not be turned ON or OFF. Keep handles free of oil and grease. 12 ENGLISH 3.3 Safety devices Safety valve The spring-loaded safety valve (18) is incorporated into the pressure switch. The safety valve opens if the max. permissible pressure is exceeded. 4.1 Prior to initial operation Wheel installation 1. Install the wheels as illustrated. 4.2 Mains connection BDanger! High voltage Operate device in dry environment only. Operate device only on a power source complying with the following requirements: . outlets properly installed, earthed and tested; . fuse protection in accordance with the technical specifications. Position power cable so it does not interfere with the work and is not damaged. Always check to see that the device is switched OFF before plugging in. BCheck direction of rotation! Depending on the phase sequence, the motor could turn in the wrong direction. This can damage the machine. Therefore the direction of rotation must be checked after any reconnection to the power mains: the belt pulley of the compressor pump must turn in the direction indicated by the arrow on the belt guard. If it turns in the wrong direction, two phases must be interchanged in the power cable plug: 1. Unplug. 2. Interchange phases with a screwdriver as illustrated: . Push switch (19) in slightly. . Turn switch by 180°. 3. Plug power cable in again. Protect power cable from heat, aggressive liquids and sharp edges. Use only extension cables with sufficient lead cross section (see "Technical Specifications"). Do not stop the machine by unplugging, but switch OFF using the ON/ OFF switch. Unplug after use. 4.3 Generating compressed air 1. Start device (22) and wait until the max. tank pressure is reached (compressor shuts off). The tank pressure is indicated by the tank pressure gauge (23). 2. Set pressure regulator (20) to required working pressure. The current working pressure is indicated by the regulated pressure gauge (21). A Caution! The regulated pressure may not be set higher than the max. working pressure of the connected air tools! 3. Connect air hose to compressed air outlet (24). 4. Connect air tool. You are now ready to work with the air tool. 5. Switch the compressor OFF, if you do not continue working immediately afterwards. Unplug after switching OFF. ADanger! Prior to all servicing: . Switch Off. . Unplug. . Wait until the device has come to a complete stop. . Ensure the device and all air tools a...

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