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Инструкция по эксплуатации Manitowoc Ice, модель Q-SERIES Q-0600

Производитель: Manitowoc Ice
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NO CHANGES WITH START/RUN COMPONENTS ARE NEEDED. 1. Disconnect power to the ice machine at the electrical 8. Remove extra section of suction service valve disconnect (moving the toggle switch to the off process tube from the ice machine at swedge joint. position will not disconnect line voltage). Repeat this procedure with discharge line. Remove 2. Remove panels (top, front, left and right sides). up to T section. 3. Recover refrigerant from ice machine. 5. Remove wiring from compressor terminals. Swedge Joint 6. Cut tubing (suction, discharge, and process lines) at the compressor ports. 7. Remove compressor from machine. Make sure to crimp and braze shut ports to compressor. 9. Insert new compressor into the machine as shown. Manitowoc Ice, Inc. 2110 South 26 Street, P.O. Box 1720, Manitowoc, WI 54221-1720 USA 8006173 Telephone 920-682-0161, Fax - Sales: 920-683-7589, Service/Parts: 920-683-7585, Other: 920-683-7879 Sheet 1 of 3 Web Site - 06/25/01 10. Fit tubing provided into the proper place, as shown. Make sure that the discharge line ends up on the inside of the suction line. Cut ice machine suction line to fit new tubing. Deburr suction line before fitting new tubing in. NOTE: IF REPLACING COMPRESSOR INTO A REMOTE CONDENSER ICE MACHINE, MAKE SURE TO FIRST FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS A, B, AND C BELOW BEFORE PROCEEDING TO INSTRUCTION #11. A. Cut process tubing approximately 3” from the horizontal portion of the tube. Make sure to cut both ends of the tube to make sure that a “T” fitting can be placed in between the pieces. B. Place “T” fitting in between process tubing and place pieces of additional tubing between open end of T and HPR valve, as shown below. 11. Place armaflex insulation provided in kit on suction line, as shown in picture below. Slide insulation up tubing and secure while brazing. 12. Braze all tubing into place. Purge system with nitrogen during all brazing operations on the ice machine. 13. Use electrical tape to seal suction line insulation. 14. Reattach the wiring harness to the compressor. 15. Replace the filter/dryer before evacuating the machine. Make sure that filter/dryer tubing is not rubbing against the compressor. 16. Evacuate machine to 500 microns. 17. Charge the machine with nameplate charge. 18. Make sure that all tubing is not rubbing against anything else in the machine. 19. Reinstall corner post that was removed earlier and place electrical cover on compressor. 20. Reinstall back panels of ice machine. C. Return to instruction #11. 8006173 Sheet 2 of 3 06/25/01 21. Reinstall all other panels. 22. Reconnect power and test run ice machine. 8006173 Sheet 3 of 3 06/25/01...

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