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Инструкция по эксплуатации Manitowoc Ice, модель J-0600

Производитель: Manitowoc Ice
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Deburr suction line before fitting new tubing in. 11. Braze all tubing into place. Purge system with nitrogen during all brazing operations on the ice machine. NOTE: IF REPLACING COMPRESSOR INTO A REMOTE ICE MACHINE, MAKE SURE TO FIRST FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS A, B, AND C BELOW, BEFORE PROCEEDING TO INSTRUCTION #10. A. Replace elbow with “T” fitting. 12. Use electrical tape to seal suction line insulation. B. Replace HPR valve and L-shaped tube that was removed earlier. Adjust to fit without rubbing against any other parts of the machine. 13. Reattach the wiring harness to the compressor. 14. Replace the filter/dryer before evacuating the machine. Make sure that the filter/dryer tubing is not rubbing against the compressor. 15. Evacuate machine to 500 microns. C. Return to instruction #10. 10. Place armaflex insulation provided in kit on suction line, as shown in picture below. Slide insulation up 8006183 tubing and secure while brazing. Sheet 2 of 3 06/25/01 16. Charge the machine with the nameplate charge. 17. Make sure that all the tubing is not rubbing against anything else in the machine. 18. Reinstall the corner post that was removed earlier and place electrical cover on compressor. 19. Reinstall back panels of ice machine. 20. Make sure to replace start and run components according to the machine you are replacing the compressor in. See note in the beginning of instructions for designation. 21. Reinstall all other panels. 22. Reconnect power and test run ice machine. 8006183 Sheet 3 of 3 06/25/01...

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