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Инструкция по эксплуатации Powerex, модель SBS0307

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Protect yourself and others by observing all safety information. Failure to comply with instructions could result in personal injury and/or property damage! Retain instructions for future reference. Descriptions GENERAL The Powerex Oilless Rotary Scroll Air Compressor has advanced scroll compressor technology through the development of a completely oilless unit. The Powerex Scroll Compressor offers a dynamically balanced air end which insures vibration-free operation. The rotary design permits a continuous 100% duty cycle. No oil separation, oil filtration, or inlet valves are required on the Powerex Scroll unit. COMPRESSION CYCLE The Powerex oilless rotary scroll air compressor is based on the theory of scroll compression. A scroll is a free standing, intricate spiral bounded on one side by a solid, flat plane or base. A scroll set, the basic compression element of a scroll compressor, is made up of two identical spirals which form right and left hand parts. One of these scroll components is indexed or phased 180o with respect to the other so the scrolls can mesh. Crescent-shaped gas pockets are formed and bounded by the spirals and the base plate of both scrolls. As the moving scroll is orbited around the fixed scroll, the pockets formed by the meshed scrolls follow the spiral toward the center and diminish in size. The moving scroll is prevented from rotating during this process so the 180o phase relationship of the scrolls is maintained. The compressor’s inlet is at the outer boundary of the scrolls. The compressed gas is discharged through the outlet at the center of the fixed scroll so no valves are needed. TIP SEAL The tip seal on the scroll compressor is self-lubricated and allows the unit to operate efficiently without oil and expensive filtration. The tip seal should be replaced every 10,000 hours of operation. BEARINGS The bearings on the scroll compressor are regreaseable to allow extended compressor life. Service should be performed every 10,000 hours of operation. DRY TYPE INLET FILTER (P/N 91348550) Order P/N 91348550 for both the 3 HP and 5HP units. Change every 2,500 hours or more often in dirty locations. HOURMETER The hourmeter on the scroll compressor indicates the actual number of hours the unit has been in operation. The hourmeter is also used to determine maintenance and service timing. An hourmeter must be installed with every Scroll compressor. CONDENSATE DRAIN VALVE A condensate drain valve must be installed on any tank used to allow removal of the liquid which will collect during compressor operation. !NOTICE Drain liquid from tank daily. !DANGER Breathable Air Warning This compressor/pump is NOT equipped and should NOT be used “as is” to supply breathing quality air. For any application of air for human consumption, you must fit the air compressor/pump with suitable in-line safety and alarm equipment. This additional equipment is necessary to properly filter and purify the air to meet minimal specifications for Grade D breathing as described in Compressed Gas Association Commodity Specification G 7.1 - 1966, OSHA 29 CFR 1910. 134, and/or Canadian Standards Associations (CSA). DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES IN THE EVENT THE COMPRESSOR IS USED FOR THE PURPOSE OF BREATHING AIR APPLICATION AND PROPER IN-LINE SAFETY AND ALARM EQUIPMENT IS NOT SIMULTANEOUSLY USED, EXISTING WARRANTIES ARE VOIDED, AND POWEREX DISCLAIMS ANY LIABILITY WHATSOEVER FOR ANY LOSS, PERSONAL INJURY OR DAMAGE. Powerex • 150 Production Drive • Harrison, OH 45030 • USA IN258902AV 9/06 Scroll Air Compressors Tankmount/Basemount Installation RECEIVING THE UNIT Immediately upon receipt of the scroll compressor, the unit should be inspected for any damage which may have occurred in shipment. Any shipping damage must be immediately filed with the freight carrier. The compressor nameplate should be checked to see if the unit is the correct model and voltage as ordered. APPLICATION When the scroll compressor is to be used in applications other than the compressing of atmospheric air, please contact a Powerex representative for engineering and warranty information at 1-888-769-7979. INSTALLATION SITE 1. The scroll compressor must be located in a clean, well lit and well ventilated area. 2. The area should be free of excessive dust, toxic or flammable gases, moisture, water and direct sunlight. 3. Never install the compressor where the ambient temperature is higher than 104o F or where humidity is high. 4. Clearance must allow for safe, effective inspection and maintenance. Minimum Clearances Above 24” Drive belt side 12” Other sides 20” 5. If necessary, use metal shims or leveling pads to level the compressor. Never use wood to shim the compressor. VENTILATION 1. If the scroll compressor is located in a totally enclosed room, an exhaust fan with access to outside air must be installed. 2. Never restrict the cooling fan exhaust air. 3. Never locate the compressor where hot exhaust air from other heat generating units may be pulled...

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