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If you have any questions or problems, contact our PRODUCT INFORMATION LINE at 978-988-9665. THE TRANSDUCER The ACOUSTIC MATRIX pickup is made with a unique co-polymer sensing material available exclusively from Fishman. This material exhibits a sensitivity and dynamic range that far surpasses all other known materials. The ACOUSTIC MATRIX transducer is a multi-layer configuration of continuous strips of sensing material that are fully EMI shielded. This continuous strip design allows it to sense the motion of the entire saddle rather than small sections of it (as is the case with traditional ceramic based transducers); providing superb string balance. The incredibly small size and convenient under the saddle design of the transducer helps preserve the beauty and structural integrity of your instrument. THE PREAMP The four-band equalizer / preamp is the brain of the ACOUSTIC MATRIX PROFESSIONAL system. This low-profile “slider” unit features BASS, TREBLE, MIDRANGE and BRILLIANCE controls as well as a “set it and forget it” SUB-BASS energy trim control located on the back of the preamp. This internal trim feature can be used to adjust the amount of soundhole resonance or “bottom” so that the preamp will function at optimum performance levels in guitars of varying body sizes. Other features include a battery function indicating LED and a PHASE SWITCH. SMART SWITCH If you plan to mix the ACOUSTIC MATRIX with an onboard mini electret microphone through the Fishman Blender System (routed through a single stereo instrument cable), you must first install a Fishman SMART SWITCH. Call Fishman at 978-988-9665 for more information. PIEZO INSTALLATION If you are new to under saddle piezo installations, a comprehensive guide, “The Finer Points of Piezo Installation” by Ken Parker, is available from Fishman. LIMITED WARRANTY EXCEPTION: Pickups in guitars with a very steep string break angle (25° or more), will generally perform well, even if the saddle slot depth measures more than 50% of the total saddle height. COMPENSATED SADDLES We do not recommend compensating the saddle under the "B" string. Doing so may twist the saddle and cause uneven pickup response. PREPARE THE SADDLE SLOT 1. Rout a .125" (3.2 mm) wide saddle slot for the Acoustic Matrix Wide Format pickup. OR Rout a .09375" (2.3 mm) wide slot for the Acoustic Matrix Narrow Format pickup. 2. Be certain that the bottom of the slot is FLAT. Deepen an existing slot only enough to obtain a clean, flat surface. LOCATE THE WIRE HOLE 1. Locate the center of the wire hole no less than .100" (2.5 mm) from the closest string. 2. Mark the location where the wire will enter the saddle slot. Center the mark between the walls (width) of the slot. 3. Drill a .09375" hole. 4. Clear wood chips and foreign materials from the saddle slot. 5. Carefully insert (do not bend) the pickup. PREPARE THE SADDLE We recommend synthetic materials such as Micarta or Corian as excellent saddle materials for the Acoustic Matrix. Organic materials such as bone or ivory are not as consistent and may result in poor string balance. 1. Prepare a .125" wide saddle (.09375" for Narrow Format) The bottom of the saddle must be FLAT. 2. Remove only enough material from the width of the saddle to provide a sliding fit in the slot. To test the fit, the saddle should slide easily in the slot, but should not fall out when overturned. To maintain your current action, the new saddle must be .053" shorter in height (.043" for Narrow Format pickups) than your current saddle. NOTE: The overall length of the Matrix pickup is 2.700" (68.58mm). We recommend a saddle slot length of at least 2.875" (73mm). The actual sensing area of the pickup is 2.670" long and can accommodate string spacings of up to 2.500" (63.5 mm). Poor string balance may result with string spacings greater than this. DO NOT trim the end of the pickups length as ground hum will occur. Custom pickup lengths are available from Fishman. MECHANICAL FACTORS AFFECTING PICKUP PERFORMANCE BREAK ANGLE There must be an adequate amount of downbearing pressure on the pickup in order for it to perform optimally. The pickup will "see" an acceptable amount of downbearing pressure when there is a 20° (minimum) break angle across the saddle. A pickup in a Guitar with less than a 20° break angle will often have string balance problems as well as poor tone. For such instruments, an adequate break angle can be realized by "ramping" the string slots or (in extreme cases) raising the saddle height and resetting the neck angle. THE 50/50 RULE For adequate coupling between string, saddle and pickup, we recommend that the saddle slot depth (with pickup installed) should equal no more than 50% of the total height of the saddle. ADJUSTING FOR TOO DEEP A SADDLE SLOT If the slot (with pickup installed) measures more than 50% of the total saddle height, the pickup performance will often suffer. To correct for too deep a slot, place a wood shim under the pickup. Determine the...

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