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Инструкция по эксплуатации Uniden, модель VHF HH940

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2 Maritime Radio ServicesOperation........3 Included with Your HH940 .....4 GettingStarted...........5 Mounting the Drop-in Charger . . 5 Attaching the Antenna ......5 Attaching the Battery Pack ....6 Charging the Battery Pack ....6 Operation..............8 SettingtheSquelch........8 Selecting a Channel.......10 One-touch Channel 16/9 ....10 All-channelScan ........10 Monitoring Weather Channels. . 11 TripleWatch...........12 WeatherAlert..........12 International-USA Channels . . 13 Transmitting...........13 Lighted Keys and Display ....13 KeyLock.............13 MarineChannels-USA......14 Marine Channels -International . . 15 Parts and Accessories.......16 Specifications...........17 Controls and Indicators 1 Antenna 14 Channel Down button t 2 Belt Clip 15 Microphone 3 PTT (Push to Talk) 16 Squelch button Key squelch 4 Light/Lock Key 17 Battery 5 LCD Display A Scan Indicator 6 Scan button scan B Transmit Indicator 7 Power button power C Triple Watch Indicator 8 16/9 -Triple Watch D Channel Number button 16/9/triple Display 9 WX Mode/Weather E Strength Meter Alert button wx 10 USA/International F International button int Indicator 11 Speaker G Weather Alert Indicator 12 Volume button H Weather Mode volume Indicator 13 Channel Up button s Warning! . The HH940 is waterproof only when both the antenna and the battery are properly attached. . Do not operate the transmitter of any radio equipment unless all the Radio Frequency (RF) connectors are secure and any open connectors are properly terminated. . Do not operate the transmitter of any radio equipment near electrical blasting caps or in an explosive atmosphere. . Do not let children operate any transmitter-equipped radio equipment. . Have your radio equipment serviced by a qualified technician. . Do not operate the transmitter of any radio equipment with the antenna touching or close to the eyes, face, or exposed body parts. Rechargeable Nickel-Cadmium Battery Warning . This equipment contains a Nickel-Cadmium Battery Pack. . Cadmium is a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. . The Nickel-Cadmium Battery Pack contained in this equipment may explode if disposed of in a fire. + Do not short-circuit the Battery Pack. . Do not charge the Nickel-Cadmium Battery Pack used in this equipment in any charger other than the one designed to charge this Battery Pack. Using another charger may damage the Battery Pack or cause the Battery Pack to explode. Introduction The HH940 is a waterproof, portable two-way VHF transceiver. It is compact, lightweight, and rugged and fits easily in your hand. This hand-held VHF marine radio will give you consistent, outstanding performance in virtually all conditions and situations. To ensure that you get the most from the HH940’s features, please read this operating guide carefully before using the unit. Features ¦ Waterproof ¦ Triple Watch Mode ¦ Priority channel startup ¦ One-touch channel 16/9 ¦ 10 Weather Channels ¦ Weather alert ¦ All-channel scan ¦ International-USA channels ¦ Table-top drop-in charger (can also be wall-mounted) ¦ Rechargeable nickel-cadmium battery pack ¦ Key lock ¦ Back-lit display ¦ Belt clip ¦ Wrist strap Technical Support and Service Your Uniden dealer can provide you with technical assistance and information. If your marine radio does not perform properly, take it to a Uniden dealer for servicing. The radio contains no user-serviceable parts. Unauthorized adjustment will void the warranty and may cause illegal radio operation. Be sure that a qualified technician services your radio equipment. Caution: Changes or modifications to this product not expressly approved by Uniden, or operation of this product in any way other than as detailed by this Operating Guide, can void your authority to operate this product. Maritime Radio Services Operation WARNING! This transmitter will operate on channels/frequencies that have restricted use in the United States. The channel assignments include frequencies assigned for exclusive use of the U.S. Coast Guard, use in Canada, and use in international waters. Operation in these frequencies without proper authorization is strictly forbidden. For frequencies/channels that are currently in use in the U.S. without requiring an individual license, please contact the FCC Call Center at 1-888-CALL-FCC. For individuals requiring a license, such as commercial users, you should obtain a license application from your nearest FCC field office. Included with Your HH940 If any of these items are missing from the box, contact your Uniden Dealer. 4 HH940 Charger AC Adapter Antenna Battery Wrist Strap Operating Guide Printed Material Mounting Screws Getting Started Mounting the Drop-in Charger 1. Mount the drop-in charger to either a counter or wall. 2. Plug one end of the AC adapter into the wall outlet, and the other end into the Drop-in Charger. Attaching the Antenna Attach the antenna to the HH940. Be sure the antenna is firmly seated. 5 Attaching the Battery Pack 1...

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