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Инструкция по эксплуатации Yamaha, модель DTX400K

Производитель: Yamaha
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Keyword Searching If viewing this document using Adobe® Reader®, you can enter keywords into the Find text box in the toolbar to quickly and conveniently search for them within the text. NOTE You can download the latest version of Adobe® Reader® from the following web page. Illustrations and trademarks • The illustrations and screens shown in this manual are for instructional purposes only and may differ somewhat for your particular instrument or computer. • The company names and product names used in this manual are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. 1 DTX400K/DTX430K/DTX450K MIDI Reference EN Transferring Song Files Using the free Yamaha application Musicsoft Downloader, you can easily transfer song files (in SMF format) between your drum module and computer as described below. Installing Musicsoft Downloader 1. Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet and then download Musicsoft Downloader from the following web site. Yamaha Download Site: Enter your electronic drum kit’s model name and select Musicsoft Downloader. System requirements for Musicsoft Downloader will be displayed on the download page. 2. Follow the instructions displayed and install Musicsoft Downloader. When installed, Musicsoft Downloader will be added to your Programs menu and a shortcut to the application will be created on your desktop. Details on how to use Musicsoft Downloader can also be found in the application’s Help section. Numbering files to be transferred Before transferring a song file to your drum module, a two-digit number (between 01 and 10) representing the target song number on the module must be added at the start of the file name. If, for example, you wish to transfer the song file sample.mid to song No. 3 on your drum module, you should rename it 03sample.mid. Add a two-digit number to the start of the file name Original file name on your computer. Modified file name 01sample.mid 02sample.mid 03sample.mid would be transferred to song No. 1 on the module would be transferred to song No. 2 on the module would be transferred to song No. 3 on the module :: would be transferred to song No. 9 on the module would be transferred to song No. 10 on the module 09sample.mid 10sample.mid sample.mid03sample.mid03sample.mid NOTE • If transferring multiple song files to your drum module at the same time, be sure to assign a different number to each of them. • Your drum module supports the playback of standard MIDI files of Format 0 only. • A total of 700 KB of song file data can be transferred to your drum module. 2 DTX400K/DTX430K/DTX450K MIDI Reference Transferring Song Files Transferring files from computer to drum module NOTE The menu items and windows shown below may differ slightly depending on your version of Windows. 1. Connect your drum module and computer using a USB cable, and set up your drum module as follows: • Select either Kit Mode or Song Mode. • Ensure that song or metronome playback has been stopped. 2. Double-click the Musicsoft Downloader shortcut on your desktop. If there is no Musicsoft Downloader shortcut on your desktop, open the Start menu, navigate to All Programs . YAMAHA . Musicsoft Downloader 5, and click Musicsoft Downloader. Musicsoft Downloader will launch and the main window will be displayed. 43 3. Click the Connection Check button at the bottom of the main window to confirm the current connection status. An error message will be displayed if your drum module and computer are not connected or are unable to communicate properly. In such a case, check your connections and/or MIDI driver according to the error message. 4. Click the Add File button at the top of the main window. 3 DTX400K/DTX430K/DTX450K MIDI Reference Transferring Song Files 5. In the file selection window, select the files you wish to copy to your drum module and click the Open button. Select files and then click Open. Copies of the selected files will be temporarily stored in Musicsoft Downloader and listed in the corresponding area in the top half of the main window. 6. Select the destination device for the copied files by clicking Electronic Musical Instruments at the left of the main window. 687810Select files and then click Move. The [KIT], [SONG], and [TRAINING] buttons on your drum module will all light up. 7. Select the destination memory area by clicking Flash Memory at the left of the main window. 4 DTX400K/DTX430K/DTX450K MIDI Reference Transferring Song Files 8. Select the song files to be transferred from the list of temporarily stored files in the top half of the main window, and then click the Move button. You will be asked to confirm if you wish to proceed. Clicking the Cancel button in this window will end the process without transferring any files. 9. Click the OK button to transfer the selected files from the temporary storage area to your drum module. NOTICE Do not disconnect the USB cable while files ar...

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