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Инструкция по эксплуатации B.C. Rich, модель Zombie

Производитель: B.C. Rich
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You should now have all of the fine tuner screws set to the middle of their range. Ignore the fact that your guitar is now completely out of tune, we're going to fix that next. At this point you're ready to tune your guitar using the range tuner set screw. You can set your guitar up for standard pitch, any open tuning, or any drop 13 Step 6: Now check the base plate position. If it is not parallel to the face of the guitar body turn the setscrew until the base plate is parallel. Step 7: After you get the base plate parallel, check your string action. If your strings are too high or too low for you, adjust the action with the two rocker screws, using a 3mm Allen wrench until the action is where you like it. When you get the base plate parallel with the face of the guitar, the action properly adjusted, and the tremolo stop firmly engaged with the spring block, you are ready to set the fine tuner range or intonate the guitar. These procedures follow... 12 1. Loosen the locking nut that corresponds to the string being changed with the 3mm allen wrench. 2. Loosen the string completely by turning the tuning key on the headstock. 3. Loosen the saddle lock screw with the 3mm allen wrench. 4. Remove the string. 5. Remove any broken string bits with a small magnetic screwdriver or long nose tweezers. 6. Return the tremolo fine tuners to their mid point position. 7. Cut the ball end and extra wraps off the new string. 8. Insert the new string into the tremolo lock box. 9. Tighten the saddle screw securely but do not over tighten. 10. Slide the string thru the string post on the headstock. 11. Leave enough slack for about three turns around the post. 12. Tune to pitch. 13. Once all the strings have been replaced and stretched, tune the guitar to pitch, lock down the nut, and use the fine tuners for minor adjustments. Intonation Use and electronic tuner and tune your instrument to standard pitch. Play an open string and them compare it to the fretted note at the 12th fret.These notes should read the same on the tuner. * If the fretted note on the 12th fret is flatter (lower) than the open note, move the saddle forward toward the neck. * If the fretted note on the 12th fret is sharper (higher) than the open note, move the saddle back away from the neck. For an accurate reading, be sure to retune the string to pitch after each adjustment of the saddle. Bronze and Platinum guitars require a Phillips head screwdriver for this adjustment. Models with the Licensed Floyd Rose will need the supplied 2.5mm allen wrench. The quality of strings affects intonation as does string gauge. An adjustment of the intonation will most likely have to be made if the string gauge is changed. Neck Adjustments Each B.C. Rich Guitar is carefully adjusted at the factory, as well as by our Quality Control Department before shipping.The truss rod and string height are set for optimum action and playability with the gauge string supplied. Occasionally an instrument's neck may need adjustm...

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