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Инструкция по эксплуатации Vox, модель VIRAGE SDC-55

Производитель: Vox
Размер: 4.27 mb
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This innovative construction method creates an instrument with the warm resonance of a semi-hollowbody with the focused attack of a solidbody—an instrument that is both lightweight and highly resistant to feedback. Multi-Mode Pickup Systems Three-90 Pickup System The VGDC and VGSC are powered by the refined and articulate Three-90 Pickup System. Twin Mode Select Switches, mounted above the master volume and tone controls, give you instant access to three distinct, musical, and hum- canceling tones from each pickup. CoAxe Pickup System The focused aggression of the CoAxe Pickup System is managed by either Twin Mode Select Switches (on the SSC-55 and SDC55 and HDC-77) for individual control of each pickup, or a Master Mode Switch (on the SSC-33 and SDC-33) controlling both pickups simultaneously. 7 Controls—Twin Mode Select Switches Controls—Master Mode Select Switch Tone Volume Mode Select Clean Crunch Lead Pickup Select Neck Both Bridge Bridge Neck Volume Tone Mode Select Clean Lead Pickup Select Neck Both Bridge 8 SETUP AND ADJUSTMENT Each VOX guitar is carefully adjusted at the factory for a wide range of playing styles, with .010" to .046" strings. You may want to finetune the playability for your own personal style, different string gauges, or after seasonal environmental changes. Before making any adjustments, you’ll need to verify the proper neck relief. With the guitar tuned, press the low E string down at both the 1st and 22nd frets (a capo comes in handy here) and check the distance between the top of the 8th fret and the bottom of the low E string. Ideally, you’ll see a gap about the same size as the diameter of the high E string. If you see too much relief, you need to increase the truss rod tension, by turning the truss rod adjusting nut clockwise with the included tool. (Remove the cover first, of course!) If you don’t see enough relief, or if the string is touching the 8th fret, you need to decrease the truss rod tension, by turning the truss rod adjusting nut counter-clockwise. Never force the truss rod, and if you are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with this kind of adjustment, take your guitar to a qualified service center. Clockwise = Less Relief Check Gap Here Press Here And Here 9 The MaxConnect bridge can be easily adjusted for string height (action) and string length (intonation). To lower the action of either the treble or bass strings, turn the appropriate bridge post clock clockwise with the supplied tool. To raise the action, turn the appropriate bridge post counter clockwise. The MaxConnect is designed to fit the bridge posts tightly, so don’t adjust one side too far without also adjusting the other. Changes in neck relief, string action, or string gauges can all change intonation. Luckily, the MaxConnect bridge provides a wide range of intonation adjustment. You’ll need either a good tuner or good ears to verify correct intonation. For each string, just compare the pitch of the note fretted at the 12th fret to the pitch o...

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