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Инструкция по эксплуатации Marshall Amplification, модель MG30FX

Производитель: Marshall Amplification
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The LED flashes at selected delay time. 14. Delay Control Controls the amount of signal sent to the delay effect. 15. Ext FX Switch Switches the external FX Loop on and off. 16. MasterControl Controls the master volume of the amplifier. 17. Damping (Manual) Switch Switches the power amp damping between classic amp feeling (LED off) and modern response (LED on). Holding down the Damping switch for longer than 2 seconds switches the amp between manual and preset mode (page 6). When using the footcontroller, holding both the Damping switch and the Store switch will activate the tuner. 18. Headphones / Line Out Socket 3.5mm headphones / Line out. 25 26 19. Store Switch Stores the current amp settings into the current channel or into the footcontroller. When in manual mode the Store button lights red. 20. Power Switch The power switch turns your amplifier on and off. A channel switch will light up when your amplifier is turned on and none will be lit when the amplifier is switched off. Please ensure the amplifier is switched offand unplugged from the mains electricity supply before being moved. 21. Mains Input Connector Your amp is provided with a detachable mains (power) lead, which is connected here. The specific mains input voltage rating that your amplifier has been built for is indicated on the back panel. Before connecting for the first time, please ensure that your amplifier is compatible with your electricity supply. If you have any doubt, please get advice from a qualified technician. Your Marshall dealer will help you in this respect. The correct value of mains fuse located in the small drawer at the bottom of the mains socket is specified on the rear panel of the amplifier. The drawer contains a space for a spare fuse. NEVER attempt to bypass the fuse or fit one of the incorrect value! Power (RMS) 50W Channels 4 Speaker 1x12" Weight (kg) 16.6kg Size (mm) W, H, D 518x494x278 MG100FX 1X12" Combo (MG101FX) Power (RMS) 100W Channels 4 Speaker 1x12" Weight (kg) 20kg Size (mm) W, H, D 591 x528 x283 MG100FX 2x12" Combo (MG102FX) Power (RMS) 100W Channels 4 Speaker 2x12" Weight (kg) 22.4kg Size (mm) W, H, D 674 x494 x278 MG100HFX Head Power (RMS) 100W Channels 4 Speaker - Weight (kg) 11.4kg Size (mm) W, H, D 591 x249 x275 22. Footcontroller Socket Jack socket for the connection of the footcontroller. 23. Loudspeaker Output(s) Socket The MG50Fx, MG100FX combos have 1 loudspeaker output and the MG100HFX head has 2 loudspeaker outputs. Always use a non-screened Marshall approved speaker lead when connecting an extension cabinet to these amplifiers. 24. MP3 Line In Socket Jam to your favourite MP3, CD or tape track by connecting the line out or headphone output of your player here. Adjust the volume of your player to match that of your guitar and you've got the perfect ‘play-along' practice system. 25. Return Socket Connect to the output of an external effects processor or pedal here. 26. Send Socket Connect to the input of an external effects processor or pedal here. Gain Вам Middle Treble Roverb Volume Delay Master Ф Q Q G Q & G QQ Q • M 2 3 4 5 7 8 10 11 i Г 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Rear panel shows MG50FX combo - MG100FX combo has the same features MG100HFX head is identical except features two loudspeaker sockets {730V • TXXAE n0V» (100V'170V • TXXAE tbCVt *»»•!«• SMOCKMUWO PC 401 own tOKDuCX THl №$(0H|R{ 0Я (lECT№C S*3G( DO NOT ElPOSi ins eouwiemt то мт on мовпж ТИК «PftMUruS MUST к иягнсо mu: DC сиос акшоис К Hi ОЦУЯЛ и** wtw us Risauts d «cue* i т и моилзд fucnuouis iroPoszjMM&arAPMKii AiMjuetn 0U AIA *ия СОМКНИ Cl | AffWVn. A LA HMf UIIMI: ". noua TM ЯГЛ 0» llfCTRC SHOCK 00HO* «ММ С0ИЯ M0 USM Si»V"CtAAU MMT8 «М* ЯСПЯ StHVICNG TO OUALIf HO SERVICE «RSONNEl UtlRTWR: P0U* fVITT* US «tSCUS К 0ECHARGES eiectiiioues «»AstxMMucoMiKa сгаичми ME ССМР0ЯТЕ MJCUNE WECE SWSOPTHU OtTRE KWWEE ИЛ VOS SOWS WTIS TOUiOUftS д им псмсскм OhtflPS ЧМ T0UTE ЯЕММ1ЮМ сМхйЖа£в DfSJGMO EN6NEEHED A OUAllTV COMTR&IEO MMSMtU АИПр*КЛП0И nc. fcETOHEY MILTON «ms ENGLAND П* ШгЦт IS ¥ M ЮС МЛ» 24 1 6 4 5 MG50FX & MG100FXIMG100HFX Overview Channel Selection The amplifier has 4 channels - Clean, Crunch, OD1 & OD2. Pressing the Clean/Crunch switch (3) selects between the Clean (Green Light) and Crunch (Red Light) channels. Pressing the OD switch (5) selects between the OD1 (Green Light) and OD2 (Red Light) channels. When moving from an OD channel to a Clean/Crunch channel, the unit remembers the last channel you were in before leaving. E.g. If you have moved from the Crunch Channel to an OD channel and you press the Clean/Crunch switch (3), the amplifier will revert back to the Crunch channel - rather than starting again in the Clean channel. Modes The amplifier operates in two modes - Preset and Manual. To change between these two modes, you must hold the Damping switch (17) down for at least two seconds. When in manual mode the Store switch (19)...

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