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Инструкция по эксплуатации Marshall Amplification, модель Vintage Modern 2466

Производитель: Marshall Amplification
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The Low range equates to the performance you would come to expect from a stock vintage Marshall amplifier in terms of tone and available gain. The High range moves the sound into the realms of high gain heaven, facilitating those classic British hard rock tones of the seventies. Add to this, the ability to dynamically interface with your instrument’s Volume and Tone controls and the experience translates into a truly expressive and organic feel in performance. Pre-amp Two ‘frequency selective’ Pre-amp Volumes (Gains) – Body and Detail – facilitate greater flexibility of tonal shaping for individual guitars and styles. The secret to a great sound on this amp is nailing your optimum settings of these two controls, they should be set to deliver your gain preference and tonal spectrum whatever your chosen dynamic range. It is possible to set them so that clean, rhythm and lead tones are all available at varying degrees of the guitar volume control. A Mid Boost button is also included for players The Vintage Modern series of amplifiers and cabinets inherit their tone directly from the golden years but with the capability of delivering far more dynamic range – crystal clean to creamy overload and all points in between! Introduction Vintage and Modern – These are two words that don’t normally sit comfortably together unless you’re talking guitar amplification. The concept is really quite simple, 100% genuine vintage tone with modern features as required by today’s players. The cosmetics are a carefully crafted hybrid of styles from both periods as well as being unique in their own right. The Vintage Modern Series is a brand new UK made all-valve range spawned from the success of our Handwired re-issues. Manufactured on PCB, the classic and hot-rodded versions of the original tone that started it all, have now been coupled to a set of features commonly found on our more contemporary amplifiers. This range is simple and flexible, as well as production and service friendly in design. Background The power amplifier is heavily based on the first Marshall amplifiers to be produced and boasts KT66 output valves which inherently yield a substantial fat and smooth tone. Many of the guitars heard on now legendary recordings are the sound of these early Marshalls owned by iconic guitarists who played through them. Some personalised their amplifiers with a little circuit modding. Later, players who wanted to capture these tones for their own recordings had the unenviable task of sourcing these earlier models from the secondhand market – until now. An intuitive and straightforward panel layout is provided for players who just want to ‘plug and play’. The Vintage Modern Series is simplicity itself, with a selection of controls that will be familiar to virtually all genres of guitarist from blues players to classic hard rock. This is an amplifier which is meant to be set, then left alone. The various sonic changes during a performance will almost exclusively come from the player and their guitar controls. who like that really thick fat tone. This and the Body control together can enable a heavy punch synonymous with some of our more aggressive users. If the Mid Boost button is left out, then the tone is more akin to a traditional vintage response. The traditional Marshall tone controls on these amps should only be required to fine tune the sound after the Pre-amp Volumes have been optimally set. Master Volume and Reverb The Master Volume controls the global output level of the amplifier and is implemented after the phase splitter in order to allow full saturation of all four pre-amp valves for maximum gain dynamic. It is wise to set this first as it largely dictates the setting of the other controls. Finally, a Reverb control sets the amount of reverb signal to be mixed with the direct signal. This on-board pro prietary plate reverb was developed in keeping with classic vintage sounds. Right: The 100 Watt head featuring the KT66 valves. Below: A view of the underside of the100 Watt head. A Series External FX Loop on the rear panel is provided for those players who like to further personalise their tones with outboard effects. A -10/+4dB level switch is included as well as the facility to completely bypass this feature if it is not required. Speakers The speakers used throughout this range are the brand new G12C 25 Watt Celestion Greenbacks. These were specifically developed for the Limited Edition Jimi Hendrix Super100JH stack. They are voiced to give that rich and balanced harmonic timbre that complements vintage tone perfectly. Amplifiers Extension Cabinets Features 2466 2266 2266C Features 425A 425B Head Yes Yes No Angled Yes No Combo No No Yes Base No Yes Output (RMS) 100 Watt 50 Watt 50 Watt Speaker Type G12C (25 Watt) G12C (25 Watt) Speakers No No 2 x G12C Speaker Configuration 4 x 12” 4 x 12” Pre-amp Valves 4 x ECC83 4 x ECC83 4 x ECC83 Power (RMS) 100 Watt 100 Watt Power Amp Valves 4 x KT66 2 x KT66 2 x KT66 Impedance: M...

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