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Инструкция по эксплуатации Marshall Amplification, модель MG15MSII

Производитель: Marshall Amplification
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8. EQ TREBLE control This control affects the treble or top end of your sound. Increasing the amount of treble will give a glassy edge to your clean sounds and increase the definition on low gain overdrive or the amount of aggressive ‘fizz’ and ‘cut’ on high gain tones. 9. Reverb LEVEL control Increasing the Reverb Level control will mix more of the naturally voiced spring reverb signal into your sound – as you’ll find, you can go from subtle to surf at the mere twist of this control! 10. FDD (Frequency Dependant Damping) Switch Marshall’s proprietary FDD circuit accurately mimics the way an all-valve amplifier interacts with the loudspeaker and adds a width and depth to your sound which has been unachievable in an affordable solid-state amplifier…until now! 11. CD IN & EMULATED LINE OUT jack The MG15MSII cleverly combine the Line Out and CD Input functions. If you want to jam to your favourite CD or tape, merely connect the headphone output of your CD or tape player here, adjust the CD / TAPE player’s volume to match that of your guitar and ‘hey-presto’ – you’ve got the perfect ‘play-along’ practice system. Alternatively, you can use this socket to connect the MG15MSII to your multi-track recording machine and you’ll get a great speaker emulated guitar sound direct to disk or tape. 3 HELPFUL HINT: for ‘silent’ recording merely plug an unconnected jack plug into the headphone socket and you’ll disconnect the MG15MSII speaker cabinets. 12. EMULATED HEADPHONES jack Plug your headphones here for a killer speaker emulated sound! Doing this mutes your MG15MSII speaker cabinets for ‘silent’ practice. 13. POWER Switch & LED The power switch turns your amplifier on and off. The LED will be lit when your amplifier is on and will not be lit when the amplifier is switched off. Note: Before connecting to the mains electricity supply, always ensure that your amplifier is compatible with your electricity supply, as detailed on the rear panel. Please ensure the amplifier is switched off and unplugged from the mains electricity supply before being moved. MG15MSII Rear Panel Features ENGLISH !WARNING!: RISK OF HAZARDOUS ENERGY AVIS!: ENERGIE ELECTRIQUE DANGEREUSE! ! Designed, Engineered & Quality Controlled by Marshall Amplification plc, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, England. Made in Korea Mains Input 120V ~ 60Hz 45 Watts 16 . LOUDSPEAKER OUTPUTS (WARNING: DO NOT USE WITH A LOAD OF LESS THAN 8.) (ATTENTION: NE PAS UTILISER AVEC UNE IMPEDANCE INFERIEURE A 8.) WARNING!: SHOCK HAZARD. DO NOT OPEN. TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE OR ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT EXPOSE THIS EQUIPMENT TO RAIN OR MOISTURE. THIS APPARATUS MUST BE EARTHED. AVIS!: RISQUE DE CHOC ELECTRIQUE. NE PAS OUVRIR. POUR EVITER LES RISQUES D’INCENDIE ET DE DECHARGES ELECTRIQUES, N’EXPOSEZ JAMAIS CET APPAREIL A L’HUMIDITE OU A LA PLUIE. CONNECTER CET APPAREIL A LA TERRE. CAUTION!: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT REMOVE COVER. NO USER SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE. REFER SERVICING TO QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL. ATTENTION!: POUR EVITER LES RISQUES DE DECHARGES ELECTRIQUES, NE PAS OUVRIR LE COUVERCLE. CET APPAREIL NE COMPORTE AUCUNE PIECE SUSCEPTIBLE D’ETRE REPAREE PAR VOS SOINS. FAITES TOUJOURS APPEL A UN TECHNICIEN QUALIFIE POUR TOUTE REPARATION. OUTPUT: 15 WATTS RMS INTO 8. 12 1. MAINS INPUT Connector The MG amplifier is provided with a detachable mains (power) lead which is connected here. The specific mains input voltage rating that your amplifier requires is clearly indicated on the back panel. Before connecting to the mains for the first time please make sure that your amplifier is compatible with your electricity supply. 2. LOUDSPEAKER Outputs Connect the two loudspeaker cabinets provided to the speaker outputs using the speaker leads supplied. If you would like to use your MG15MSII amplifier head with another speaker system (such as a full size 4 x 12" cabinet), ensure that the amplifier is provided with a total load equal to or greater than 8 ohms. Always use a non-screened Marshall approved speaker lead when connecting an extension cabinet to these units. 4 MG SERIES15MSII Techniques Technische Tecnicas Technical Technical Specification Especificaciones tecnicas Technische Daten Caracteristiques techniques Power Output 15W RMS into 8.Potencia de salida 15W RMS sobre 8.Ausgangsleistung 15W RMS an 8.Puissance de sortie 15W RMS sous 8 ohms 15W RMS / 8.Main Guitar • Input Impedance 1M.Impedancia de entrada principal de guitarra 1M.Guitar • Input Eingangsimpedanz 1M.Impedance d'entree 1M.1M.CD Input • Input impedance 3.3k.Impedancia de entrada de CD 3.3k.CD Input • Eingangsimpedanz 3.3k.Impedance d'entree CD 3.3k.3.3k.Emulated Output • Level -10dBV Nivel de salida de linea simulada -10dBV Emulated Output • Ausgangspegel -10dBV Niveau de sortie -10dBV -10dBV Weight 21.2kg Peso 21.2kg Gewicht 21.2kg Poids 21.2kg 21.2kg Size (mm) 380mm x 935mm x 235mm Tamano (mm) 380mm x 935mm x 235mm Ma.e (mm) 380mm x 935mm x 235mm Taille (mm) 380mm x 935mm x 235mm 380mm x 935mm x 235m...

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