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Инструкция по эксплуатации Samson, модель PORTABLE PA SYSTEM EXL250

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The Expedition Express is a complete lightweight PA system including the EXL250m powered speaker with 4-input mixer built-in, the EXL250e extension cabinet, a Samson R21 dynamic microphone, all the needed cabling and convenient pouches to store the accessories. You get a loud, clear sound thanks to the available 250 watts of power driving the dual 12-inch, 2-way loudspeakers. The EXL250m enclosure features an internal power amplifier providing 2 x 125 watts of clean stereo power at a remarkably low weight thanks to the class D design. Each of the Expedition Express’ 2-way speaker enclosures feature a custom designed, heavy-duty low frequency driver for deep bass response, plus a 1-inch titanium compression driver for clear articulate high frequency response. The Expedition Express’ powerful mixer allows for three microphone inputs with the ability to add in lush reverbs from the internal DSP effects. Plus, there’s even an onboard 30 pin, MP3 player docking station that’s compatible with many popular MP# players. For easy transport, the EX250e extension cabinet stacks and locks on top of the EX250m via the included coupling plate, and with the protective slipcover, the stacked PA is ready to roll on the EX250m built-in wheels. For more flexibility you can add options from Samson, such as TS50 and TS100 tripod speaker stands, the MP1020 wall-mounting bracket, UM1 wireless microphone system and for the ability to run this versatile all-in-one PA anywhere, the RB2030 rechargeable battery. If you need a portable sound system for a school, house of worship, small band, cabaret act, or for most any PA application, the Expedition Express will do the job. In these pages, you’ll find a detailed description of the features of the Expedition Express PA system, as well a description of its front and rear panels, step-by-step instructions for its setup and use, and full specifications. You’ll also find a warranty card enclosed—please don’t forget to fill it out and mail it in so that you can receive online technical support and so we can send you updated information about these and other Samson products in the future. Also, be sure to check out our website (samsontech.com) for complete information about our full product line. With proper care and adequate air circulation, your EXPEDITION EXPRESS will operate trouble free for many years. We recommend you record your serial number in the space provided below for future reference. Serial number:___________________________________ Date of purchase: ________________________________ Should your unit ever require servicing, a Return Authorization number (RA) must be obtained before shipping your unit to Samson. Without this number, the unit will not be accepted. Please call Samson at 1-800-3SAMSON (1-800-372-6766) for a Return Authorization number prior to shipping your unit. Please retain the original packing materials and if possible, return the unit in the original carton and packing materials. If you purchased your Samson product outside the United States, please contact your local distributor for warranty information and service. 2 2 Expedition Express Features The Samson Expedition Express lightweight, portable PA system with onboard DSP effects is a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for live sound. Here are some of its main features: • Self-contained light-weight portable PA system. • Everything included for big concert sound. • 250 Watts, 2 x 125 Watt Built-in Stereo Class D Power Amplifier. • Built-in DSP Effects featuring lush Reverbs. • Two 2 –Way Speakers Featuring 12” Heavy Duty, Low Frequency Transducer and 1" Titanium Compression Driver. • Four Input/Three Mic mixer with 2-band EQ on each Channel. • Onboard 30 pin MP3 player docking station. • R21 Dynamic Microphones with cable and clip. • 30 Foot Speaker cable. • Microphone and Cable Storage Bags. • Slip Covers Included. • Optional Battery Operation. • Wireless Ready. • Stacks into one rollable unit. • Quality built and rugged construction ensure reliable performance from venue to venue. • Three-year extended warranty. ENGLISH 3 ENGLISH ENGLISH System Components The Expedition Express System includes the following components: The EXL250m Powered Speaker Enclosure with built-in Mixer. The EXL250e Extension Speaker Enclosure. One R21 Dynamic Microphone. One 18 Foot Microphone Cable. One Microphone Clip. One 30 Foot Speaker Cable. Two Storage Bags Two Slip Covers. 4 Locking Pins The Expedition Express can be easily configured for portable, rollaway transportation. Follow these simple steps to Stack and Roll the Expedition Express. To unlock, locate the coupling bracket on the top of the EXL250m enclosure and pull the two Locking Pins towards the rear of the enclosure. To lick, stack the EXL250e on top of the EXL250m and allow the coupling bracket to auto- align by slightly twisting the EXL250e until it fits into place. Reach your hand in between the two speaker enclosures and push the two Locking Pins (locate...

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