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Инструкция по эксплуатации Marshall electronic, модель TSL100

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These may seem like every day features nowadays but this certainly wasn’t always the case. However, the same values that were present in the first Marshalls are still here today. That is, solid workmanship, reliability, stylish looks and above all great Marshall tone. The TSL100 and TSL122 are our latest all valve amplifiers and as such are really direct descendants of our classic all valve amps. Combining all of the aforementioned values plus a few extra attributes such as versatility, switchable channels, reverb, a big sound and of course, I am proud to say, all of the magical Marshall tone that you could want. The JCM 2000 range is truly a testament to the Marshall legacy of great guitar products. I would like to wish you every success with all of your musical endeavours and also your new Marshall JCM 2000 Triple Super Lead valve amplifier, which I am sure you will find a pleasure to play for many years to come. Yours Sincerely, 1 Introduction The Triple Super Lead series of 100 watt amplifiers takes the acclaimed formula of the groundbreaking Dual Super Lead series and places an immense amount of control and flexibility at your fingertips. As the name implies, the Triple Super Lead is a three channel amp. Each channel has a full range of independent controls for gain, volume and EQ functions, to maximise its sonic qualities and balance that channel against the others. Further to that, the master section has the capability to enhance and modify the sonic palette even further by providing controls for reverb, fx loop mixes, presence and deep EQ, virtual power reduction and even muting the power amp output for silent recording via the inbuilt speaker emulating DI circuit. Although the three channels of the TSL are named ‘Clean’, ‘Crunch’ and ‘Lead’, DO NOT let these names mislead you into thinking that you will only get those functions. Alternatively, think of the TSL as three classic valve amplifiers in one. As you would expect from independent amps, each has a wide range of tones, depending on how you you set it up, and you are able to footswitch between them. Read on and we will take you through what each channel can do. Because of the immense functionality of the TSL, it may be that you find, at first, that the front panel control layout is, perhaps, slightly daunting. Do not worry, a great deal of thought has gone into the layout of the controls and, with the help of this manual and a little patience from yourself, we feel that you will soon learn how easy your TSL actually is to use. WHAT YOUR TSL WILL and WON’T DO ! Before going into what your TSL amp can do, let’s discuss what it won’t do. Firstly, remember that your tone comes from you and nobody, or nothing, else. Your technique is what makes you the player that you are, nobody else in the world sounds exactly like you. That’s how special you are! Having the best gear in the world is not going to make you play like anybody else but what it will do is help you to achieve your aims, by expanding your creative possibilties and generally making life a lot easier. Likewise your guitar, pickups and strings have an immense influence on your final tone. Guitars come in (basically) three different flavours - Single coil pickups over 25 1/2” scale length (names usually start with the letter F), Humbucking pickups over a shorter scale length, usually 24 3/4” (names usually start with a G) and thirdly a combination of humbuckers over a 25 1/2” scale length. All these guitars sound different and although the choice is personal, one type will do a better job than another depending on what type of music you want to play. Also different woods and build techniques have a very significant affect on the final tone, i.e. most Humbucking guitars use a lot of mahogany and a glued in neck, whilst most single coil guitars woods of a totally different resonance (alder, maple, ash, etc) and a separate bolt on neck construction. Despite what some other amp manufacturers may claim about their products, no amplifier can make one type of guitar sound like a totally different type of guitar. The TSL100 and TSL122 are no different in this respect ! What we would like to claim however (and virtually guarantee), is that your TSL100 will maximise the potential of your guitar in a way that you may never have thought possible and without a doubt will spur your musical creativity onto new horizons. 5 Way Foot Controller Your TSL100 or TSL122 come supplied with a 5 way foot controller for channel, reverb and FX loop switching. It comes complete with an 8 metre (approx 26 ft) long lead ending in a 6 pin DIN plug to connect into the footswitch connector on the rear panel of your amplifier, (see rear panel details). Once connected the controller will give you instant access to and visual indication of each of the 3 channels, plus reverb on/off and fx loop on/off. To allow proper operation it is important to remember that both channel mode pushswitches on the front panel (located between ...

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