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Инструкция по эксплуатации Arctic Air, модель CF07

Производитель: Arctic Air
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Six models available in all, 5 to 20 cubic feet. See back page for details. ANSI/NSF Standard 7 certification for pre-packaged food storage— even ice cream—because they deliver temperatures down to -18°F. The beauty of these chest freezers only starts with the price. The payoff comes when the health inspector visits. White, poly-coated steel interior is bright, durable and easy to clean. ■ One epoxy-coated wire basket comes with all models. Extra baskets available, see below for ordering information. Efficient, warm-wall condenser keeps the cabinet exterior dry without using electric heaters. Environmentally friendly 134A refrigerant. Convenient temperature control, 7 setting adjustments. White, textured steel instead of stainless, cuts costs and fingerprints. - Four, easy-to-install, heavy duty casters standard with all models. Heavy-duty pop-out key lock standard for safety and security. Key automatically ejects to prevent being left in the lock. Tested and certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 7for pre-packaged foods—even ice cream—since these freezers will deliver temps down to -18°F. Freezers come with NSF Certified Thermometer. Two and a half inches of wall insulation make these units some of the most energy-efficient in the industry. At .0867cents/KWH, average energy costs range from $32 a year for the 5 cu. ft. model to $70 for the 20 cu. ft. model. Simple, manual defrost.Water drain port makes defrosting easy and efficient. Made in USA and comes with full warranty: 5 years on compressor, 1 year parts and labor. All six models are tested and certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 7 for pre-packaged foods. These freezers are efficient to operate, fully warranted, and save you hundreds of dollars because, even though they wear the NSF mark, they’re priced more like household chest freezers. External Dimensions Internal Dimensions Model # Width Height Depth Width Height Depth (A) (B) (C) CF05 27.0 36.9 21.75 21.75 29.1 16.5 CF07 35.0 36.9 21.75 29.75 29.1 16.5 CF09 41.0 36.9 21.75 35.75 29.1 16.5 CF13 42.75 36.9 27.5 37.5 29.1 22.25 CF15 48.0 36.9 27.5 42.75 29.1 22.25 CF20 61.25 36.9 27.5 56.0 29.1 22.25 NSF Certified and Listed by UL. 115 Volt. 15 Amp recommended circuit. Cubic Feet Temperature Range H.P. Shipping Weight Average Annual Operating Cost 5.0 -4.8° to -17.7°F 1/6 123 lbs $32 7.2 -3.0° to -15.9°F 1/6 139 lbs $40 8.8 -2.4° to -17.2°F 1/6 157 lbs $42 12.8 -6.3° to -18.0°F 1/3 161 lbs $63 14.8 -5.2° to -17.9°F 1/3 170 lbs $62 19.7 -5.7° to -17.3°F 1/3 220 lbs $70 nded outlet required, GFI circuit not recommended. Front Extra basket kits available. For 5,7 and 9 cu. ft. models (CF05, CF07 and CF09) order basket model 216710100. For 13,15, and 20 cu. ft. models (CF13, CF15, and CF20) order basket model 216710200. Products and specifications subject to change. NSF UL Finally, a cheap chest freezer even the health inspector can love ft -Walter Broich, Founder B Commercial Freezers & Refrigerators ...

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