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Инструкция по эксплуатации Campbell Hausfeld, модель PCH2425

Производитель: Campbell Hausfeld
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Turn the turret to the desired nozzle. 3. Pull quick connect coupler back and place nozzle into quick connect coupler. 3. Push quick connect coupler over nozzle to secure in place. HOW TO SIPHON CHEMICALS/CLEANING SOLVENTS Siphoning chemicals or cleaning solvents is a low pressure operation. NOTE: Use only soaps and chemicals designed for pressure washer use. Do not use bleach. To siphon chemicals: 1. Press chemical hose onto barbed fitting located near high pressure hose connection of pump as shown. 2. Place other end of chemical hose with filter on it into container holding chemical/ cleaning solution. 3. On multi-reg (PCV2021): Set multi-reg nozzle to low pressure setting, see How To Use Wand paragraph in this section. On quick connect turret wand (PCH2425, PCH2627, PCH3030, PCH3540HR): Change to the black chemical nozzle. 4. After use of chemical, siphon clean water through chemical hose to rinse it and pump clean. Chemicals which remain in pump can damage it. Damage to pump due to chemicals will not be covered under warranty. NOTE: Chemicals and soap will not siphon when using high pressure nozzles. 11 — ENG D22885 STARTING 1. Add fresh high quality unleaded gasoline. Never fill fuel tank indoors. Never fill fuel tank when engine is running or hot. Do not smoke when filling fuel tank. Never fill fuel tank com pletely. Fill tank to 1/2" below bottom of filler neck to provide space for fuel expansion. Wipe any fuel spillage from engine and equipment before starting engine. 2. Check engine oil level. See Engine Operator's Manual for correct procedure. NOTE: Some engines are equipped with a low oil sensor and the correct amount of oil must be added or the engine will not start. 3. Verify the filter screen is in water inlet of pump, as shown. 4. Check pump oil level (if applicable–See Maintenance Section.) 5. Connect high pressure hose to pump outlet. Never pull water supply hose to move pressure washer. This could damage hose and/or pump inlet. 6. Connect water source to pump inlet. NOTE: Water source must provide a minimum of 5 gallons per minute at 20 p.s.i. High Pressure Hose Water Source Water Source High Pressure Hose Water Source High Pressure Hose 7. If you are applying a chemical or cleaning solution, See How To Siphon Chemicals/Cleaning Solvents in Operation section of this manual. 8. Turn water source on. NOTE: Make sure water supply is turned on. DO NOT use hot water, use cold water only. Never turn water supply off while pressure wash er engine is running or damage to pump will result. 9. Start engine, see Engine Operator's Manual for correct procedure. SOME UNITS ARE NOT EQUIPPED WITH AN E Z START VALVE. ON THESE UNITS PRES SURE WILL BUILD IN THE HOSE IF THE ENGINE DOES NOT START AFTER TWO PULLS. IF THE ENGINE DOES NOT START AFTER TWO PULLS, PULL THE TRIGGER TO RELIEVE THE PRESSURE. FAILURE TO DO SO MAY CAUSE DAMAGE TO THE STRAIN RECOIL MECHANISM. NEVER RUN ENGINE IN DOORS OR IN...

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