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Инструкция по эксплуатации Kompernass, модель KH1132

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Speed levels 0 Appliance is switched off 1 Good starting speed for mixing "soft" ingredients such as flour, butter, etc. 2 Best speed for blending liquid ingredients 3 Optimum speed for mixing cake and bread dough 4 For whipping butter to form a fine foam, sugar, for desserts etc. 5 For whipping egg whites, cake, decorative jelly, pureeing of boiled potatoes, whipping cream, etc. For operating the blender: Only usable in combination with the turbo button. Turbo: • same speed as level 5 • this button allows you to have the full power of your appliance immediately at your disposal. • for operating the blender - 3 Operation Kneading and Whisking 1. Before using them for the first time, clean the ancillaries (0,q,w) and the mixing bowl 7. 2. Push the whisk q or the kneading hooks w into the appliance until they safely and audibly engage. Always insert the kneading hook wor the whisk q with the cogged wheel into the predetermined opening (marked with a cog wheel) on the handmixer. 3. Release the mixer holder by pressing the release button for tilting 5 and lift the mixer holder upwards. 4. Remove the mixing bowl 7 and fill it with the quantities of ingredients to be prepared. Warning: NEVER fill the mixing bowl 7 beyond the Max marking (ca. 2.5 l) with ingredients. If you do, there is a risk they could spill over the edge during operation. 5. Replace the mixing bowl 7 onto the mixing stand 6. 6. Press the release button for tilting 5 and lower the holder downwards. 7. Place the hand mixer on the holder so that it firmly engages. You can also use the hand mixer without the mixing stand 6. Especially with minor amounts of liquids you are advised to use the hand mixer without the mixing stand 6. Otherwise, the liquid may not be completely captured and thus not mixed thoroughly. 8. Insert the power plug 3into a wall power socket. 9. To set the mixer to work, push the speed switch 1 to the desired speed setting. You can select between 5 speed settings or the turbo button 8 (see section "Speed levels“). Warning: Do not operate the mixer for more than 5 minutes at a time. After 5 minutes pause long enough to allow the device to cool off. Note: If ingredients become stuck to the side of the mixing bowl 7 and they cannot be captured with the kneading hooks w/whisks q, switch the hand mixer off. Use the pastry spatula eto push them back into the middle of the mixing bowl 7. Switch the hand mixer back on. 10. To remove the bowl contents, switch the appliance off. Press the release button for tilting 5, lift the holder upwards and remove the mixing bowl 7 from the mixing stand 6. Note: In the case of larger amounts in the mixing bowl 7, it is to be recommended that you first remove the mixer from the holder. 11. Press the release button 4 to remove the hand mixer and the ejection button 9 to loosen the whisks q or the kneading hooks w. Warning: Always use the mixing bowl 7 for mixing and kneading. Under no circumstance should you use receptacles made of glass or other very fragile/ easily breakable materials. These containers can be damaged and then cause potentially serious injuries. Blending Warning: Never use the blender 0 for hard foodstuffs such as: coffee beans, ice cubes, sugar, cereals, chocolate, raw/hard vegetables etc. They could cause serious damage to the appliance. - 4 1. Open the fixture for the blender 2 and hold the safety cover 2 firmly. Note: The blender 0 can only be utilised when the whisks q or the kneading hooks w are not installed. 2. Push the blender 0 in until it engages and then twist it firmly tight. 3. To avoid overflows, the container used for blending should only be filled to 2/3rds of its capacity. Select a sufficiently large container. Tips: • To ensure an effective mixing of the ingredients, the foodstuffs to be processed should cover at least the lower section of the blender 0. • First switch the hand mixer on when the blender 0 has been inserted into the ingredients to be blended. 4. Push the speed switch 1 into the position "Blender" (s. chapter "Speed levels“) and press the Turbo button 8. Keep the Turbo button 8pressed down during the whole procedure. The appliance stops as soon as it is released. Warning: Do not operate the blender 0for longer than one minute at a time. After one minute pause long enough to allow the device to cool off. 5. When you have finished working with the blender 0, place the speed switch 1 back into the position "0" and remove the plug from the wall power socket. 6. To clean the blender 0, remove it from the retaining fixture 2 by turning it. Warning: Clean only the lower section of the blender 0under running water. Under no circumstances may water permeate into the blender 0. This could result in damage to the appliance. Cleaning Warning: Always remove the power plug before cleaning the appliance. There is a danger of electric shock! • Clean the mixing stand only with a moist cloth and, if required, with a mild cleaning detergent. • The whisks q and the knead...

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