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Инструкция по эксплуатации Broan, модель EVOLUTION QP236BL

Производитель: Broan
Размер: 2.14 mb
Название файла: 93a6ba71-ab7d-49ec-860a-f4fba53ab83f.pdf
Язык инструкции:enesfr
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Turns light on to MEDIUM setting. Turns light on to HIGH setting. » CO 8 tv FAN (3 pushbutton switches) Turns fan on to LOW speed. Turns fan on to MEDIUM speed. Turns fan on to HIGH speed. Pressing the same fan button again will turn fan OFF. A light above each button indicates fan speed. NOTE This hood utilizes an offset blower design to achieve greater performance and lower sound levels. As a result, you may notice that cooking impurities are more attracted to one side or appear to be pulled-in faster than they appear on the opposite side. This is completely normal. The hood has been designed and tested to provide good capture of cooking impurities and odors under all normal cooking conditions regardless of the cooking location on the cooktop. Please note that cooking on the rear burners will always result in the best capture of cooking impurities, regardless of the hood design. HEAT SENTRY SYSTEM This range hood is equipped with an advanced Heat Sentry system that monitors for excessive temperature and automatically adjusts the fan to the appropriate setting. 1) If the fan is on, the Heat Sentry system will increase the fan setting when the temperature is elevated. If the temperature continues to rise, the Heat Sentry system will continue to increase the fan setting until the temperature is stabilized or reduced. The flashing light above the fan button shows the Heat Sentry system fan setting. Once the temperature has reduced, the Heat Sentry system will change the fan to the original setting. 2) If the fan is off, the Heat Sentry system will automatically turn the fan on to its highest speed when the temperature is above normal. When the Heat Sentry system is on, the light above the high speed fan button will flash on and off. After the temperature has lowered to normal, the fan speed will be reduced until the temperature has stabilized, then the fan will turn off. Note: Canadian version does not have this function. BROAN MODELS QP230BC • QP230BL • QP230SS • QP230WW QP236BC • QP236BL • QP236SS • QP236WW QP242BC • QP242BL • QP242SS • QP242WW FUSE The Range Hood Control Board contains a Fuse to protect the controls from power surges. If the fuse has opened (blown), the green fan setting or light setting indicators will not operate properly when the fan or light buttons are pressed, and the fan and lights will not turn on. A new fuse can be purchased at your local electronic supply store. Use an 8A, 120V, 5 mm diameter, 20 mm long, fast-acting, cartridge-type fuse. To replace the fuse: 1. Disconnect power at service entrance. 2. Remove filters and bottom pan. 3. Remove and inspect fuse. If it is not open (blown), additional diagnostics are needed. PREPARE HOOD LOCATION ROOF CAP V 3%" X 10" or 7" ROUND DUCT (For vertical discharge) 24" - 30" ABOVE COOKING SURFACE HOUSE WIRING (Top or Back of hood) WALL CAP 3%" X 10" DUCT (For horizontal discharge) |l| Determine whether hood will discharge vertically (3%” x 10” o...

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