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Инструкция по эксплуатации Cambridge Audio, модель SONATA NP30

Производитель: Cambridge Audio
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Visit: registering, you’ll be the first to know about: .Future product releases .Software upgrades .News, events and exclusive offers pluscompetitions! Thisguideisdesignedtomakeinstallingandusingthisproductaseasyas possible. Information in this document has been carefully checkedfor accuracy at the time of printing; however, Cambridge Audio’s policyis one of continuous improvement, therefore design and specificationsare subject to change without prior notice. Thisdocumentcontainsproprietaryinformationprotectedbycopyright. Allrightsarereserved.Nopartofthismanualmaybereproducedbyanymechanical,electronicorothermeans,inanyform,withoutpriorwrittenpermissionofthemanufacturer.Alltrademarksandregisteredtrademarks are the property of their respective owners. © Copyright Cambridge Audio Ltd 2011. CambridgeAudioandtheCambridgeAudiologoaretrademarksofCambridge Audio. UuVol is a trademark of Audio Partnership Plc and is registered in theEuropean Community and other countries. Otherbrandsmentionedaretrademarksoftheirrespectiveownersandare used for reference purposes only. CambridgeAudio’spolicyofcontinuousimprovementmeansdesignand specification may change without notice. Important! The NP30 is largely a software based product and new featuresand updates will be made available from time to time. See theUpgrade Firmware section at the end of this manual for how tocheckforandthenautomaticallyupdateyourunitviatheinternet. The process takes only a few minutes. We would encourage you to check for any updates before usingyourNP30forthefirsttimeandthenfromtimetotimeafterwards. AlsopleasedocheckthesupportpagefortheNP30atadvice on compatibility with other products and audioformats and the most recent copy of this manual. Introduction Thank you for purchasing your Sonata NP30 Network Music Player. We areconfidentthatyouwill enjoymanyyearsof listeningpleasurefrom it.LikeallCambridge Audioproducts theSonataNP30adherestothreecoreprinciples – stunning performance, ease of use and incredible value. TheSonataNP30canaccessawiderangeofaudiofromUPnPserversor localmediaanddirectlyfromthe internetsuchasfromourownUuvolInternetRadioservice or Streaming Services from other suppliers. The free UuVol Radio service brings the best iRadio stations to your NP30 checked by us for reliability and sound quality with over 15,000 stations currently available and more being added each day. Our UuVol.com website allows you to suggest new stations, manage yourfavourites and other settings for several UuVol enabled devices at once, findout about new features and Streaming Services as we add them and more. See UuVol.com for more details. Streaming Services are services that come from partner suppliers. These usuallyrequireasubscriptionfromthemwithdifferentservicesbeingavailablein different countries. In addition to pure internet content you can access your own locally stored music from USB flash-disks or hard-drives and network connected UPnP servers. Various compressed formats are supported plus losslessly compressed anduncompressedPCM/WAVupto 'better-than-CD'24bitcontentat24/96whichcan be obtained from suitable download sites. Podcasts are also supported. High quality components are used throughout including a WM8728 24 bit / 96kHzdigitaltoanalogconverter (DAC)fromrenownedmanufacturerWolfson. A proprietary audio buffering and re-clocking scheme re-constructs allincoming audio clocks inside the NP30 with a set of precision oscillators eliminating jitter and providing unprecedented sound quality. The Sonata NP30 also features an environmentally friendly low power (<1w) standby circuit. We have also developed a free iPhone/iPod Touch application that allows fullwireless control of the NP30 (in conjunction with a Wi-Fi network). SearchforUuVolRemoteontheAppleAppStoreorbrowsedetails on this and other Apps and features as they become available. Ultimate sound quality depends on the whole of your system, naturally we particularlyrecommendspeakersfromtheCambridgeAudioSiroccorange asthese have been designed to the same exacting standards as this product. Your dealer can also supply excellent quality Cambridge Audio interconnectsto ensure your system realises its full potential. Thanks for taking the time to read this manual; we do recommend you keepit for future reference. Matthew Bramble Cambridge Audio Technical Director and the Sonata range development team NP30 Important safety instructions For your own safety please read the following important safety instructions carefully before attempting to connect this unit to the mains power Theywillalsoenableyoutogetthebestperformancefromandprolong of the unit: 1. Read these instructions. 2. Keep these instructions. 3. Heed all warnings. 4. Follow all instructions. 5. Do not use this apparatus near water. 6. Clean only with a dry cloth. 7. Do not block any ventilation openings. Install i manufacturer’s instru...

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