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Инструкция по эксплуатации Vitek, модель VT-3465

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The PLAY BUTTON is engaged simultaneously to start recording. With the built-in Automatic Level Control (ALC), the best recording quality is automatically adjusted. Changing the volume level will not affect the recording. 5. To stop recording temporarily, press the PAUSE BUTTON. To continue the recording, press the PAUSE BUTTON once again. 6. Press the STOP/EJECT BUTTON to stop recording. 7. When the tape runs to its end, the cassette operation will be stopped automatically. CD OPERATION - with MP3 Playback Compatible PLAYING COMPACT DISCS GETTING STARTED NOTE: Should skipping of tracks occur during CD playing, try turning the volume down. When CD is playing. Do not open the CD Door. 1. Press the CD door open button to open the CD DOOR. Put a CD into the CD COMPARTMENT and close the CD DOOR. Set the FUNCTION SWITCH to "CD" position. 2. When the CD DOOR is closed with a CD inside, the total number of tracks of the disc will be shown on the CD LED DISPLAY and will go to "STOP" mode. 3. If the CD DOOR is not closed or there is no disc inside, the DISPLAY will showand go to "STOP" mode. PLAY/PAUSE MODE 1. When the PLAY/PAUSE BUTTON is pressed during "STOP" mode, the first track will be played. The CD LED DISPLAY will show the specific number of tracks played. 2. For interruption while the CD is playing, press the CD PLAY/PAUSE BUTTON once. Though the sound stops, the disc will continue to spin. To re-start playing, press the CD PLAY/PAUSE BUTTON once again. The music will start from the exact position where it was interrupted. 3. To stop the CD, press the CD STOP BUTTON once whether the CD is in Play or Pause mode. REPEAT MODE 1. REPEAT 1: Search the tracks number. Press once the REPEAT BUTTON. Press the PLAY/PAUSE BUTTON. This single track of music will be repeated. To cancel the repeat playback functions by pressing the REPEAT BUTTON twice. 2. REPEAT ALL: Press REPEAT BUTTON twice. Press the PLAY/PAUSE BUTTON. The whole disc can be played continuously. To cancel all tracks repeat by pressing the REPEAT BUTTON once. 5 VT-34 6 5.qxd 28.11.03 14:34 Page 12 ~Q- ENGLISH SKIP AND SEARCH MODE 1. During play or pause mode, when UP/ F.F. w or DN/REW M< Button is pressed once, it will go to the next track or go back to the beginning of the track. 2. During play mode, when UP/ FORWARD w or DOUN/ BACKWARD M< BUTTON is pressed and held, it will search the track with audible high speed forward or backward playback. RECORDING FROM CD PLAYER 1. Slide the FUNCTION SWITCH to "CD" position. 2. Put a CD into the CD compartment with the label side upward. 3. Insert a cassette into the CASSETTE COMPARTMENT and press PAUSE BUTTON of the cassette deck. 4. Press RECORD BUTTON and PLAY BUTTON simultaneously for recording stand-by. With the built-in ALC, the best recording quality is adjusted automatically. 5. Activate the CD player, playing in a desired TRACK as described in the COMPACT DISC PLATER OPERATION section. Release the PAUSE BUTTON of the cassette deck to start recording. 6. To stop recording temporarily, press the PAUSE BUTTON. To continue recording, press the PAUSE BUTTON again. 7. Press STOP/EJECT BUTTON of the cassette deck to stop recording. Then stop CD playback by pressing the CD STOP BUTTON of the CD player. X-BASS SYSTEM Slide the "XBS" switch to ON position for enhanced bass effect. STEREO HEADPHONE JACK For private listening, insert the plug of a STEREO Headphone into the STEREO HEADPHONE JACK and adjust the VOLUME CONTROL KNOB accordingly. During the use of a headphone, the Speakers are automatically disconnected. GENERAL INFORMATION CARE AND MAINTENANCE Handle your compact discs, cassette tapes, and tape deck carefully, and they last a long time. • Use a soft, clean cloth moistened with plain lukewarm water to clean the exterior of the unit. • Never use solvents such as benzene or other strong chemical cleaners since these could damage the unit's finish. • It is important that no liquid reaches the inside of the unit. COMPACT DISCS Remove the CD from the case by holding it at the edges while pressing the center hole lightly. Do not touch the shiny surface of the CD, or bend the CD. Place the CD into the open tray positions with label facing up. A dirty CD may not play correctly. If a CD becomes dirty, wipe it with a soft cloth in a straight line from center to edge. CASSETTE TAPES If the tape is loose in its cassette, take up the slack by inserting a pencil in one of the reels and rotating If the tape is loose it may get stretched, cut, or caught in the cassette. 6 РУССКИЙ • Для остановки записи используйте кнопку “STOP/EJECT” ■/-»•(10), для временного прекращения записи нажмите кнопку “PAUSE” II (17). ЗАПИСЬ С КОМПАКТ-ДИСКА • Установите функциональный переключатель (1) в положение "CD". Выберите желаемую дорожку и отрегулируйте уровень громкости. • Вставьте кассету в деку (23). • Нажмите на клавиши "RECORD" • (22) и “PLAY’ ► (21) на деке. • Нажмите на клави...

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