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Инструкция по эксплуатации Meridian Audio, модель G56

Производитель: Meridian Audio
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They include the latest power amp developments from Meridian, utilised in their flagship DSP8000 digital loudspeaker systems, and share many common design parameters. In the case of the complete line of G Series amplifiers, pairs of channels can be bridged for additional output and flexibility, and the amplifiers are gain-matched to further add to the possibilities when building a system. The Meridian G56 is a compact, 2-channel unit with dual-mono construction, delivering a solid 100W continuous mean power per channel into 8. and suitable for even the most difficult loads. The amplifier modules feature a symmetrical design with fully electronically-balanced inputs. Both balanced and unbalanced inputs are provided, but in fact the unbalanced inputs are converted to balanced before they enter the amplifier itself. The discrete active input components are thermally and electrically matched in pairs, and the Meridian’s G Series line of high performance digital & analogue consumer audio components feature a stylish cabinet design in traditional black or a sleek silver finish. Designed to be either free-standing or rack- mounted, G Series components build on their predecessors, the multi-award-winning 500 and our flagship 800 Series, and include entirely new circuitry developed specifically for the G Series. Multi-layer boards reduce system noise and improve performance. In products which include video capabilities, broadcast-quality, wide- bandwidth video components are employed for maximum image integrity. G Series units are easy to use. Where appropriate, a knob is included to control volume. The positive-action front-panel keys are software- defined: their legends are presented in the vacuum fluorescent display and change intelligently according to context. Full installation configuration of many G Series components is achieved by running a special setup program on a Windows computer, connected to the G Series unit via a serial link, or direct from the front panel. G Series products also include serial ports for remote operation and configuration, along with infra-red sensor input and trigger capabilities, plus Meridian communications ports. A comprehensive back-lit learning/programmable remote is included with products other than amplifiers. amplifiers feature active bias control throughout, with thermal sensing that carefully manages the temperature and current flow at different volume levels. Fully DC-coupled, the signal path contains no capacitors, while those in the power supplies are audiophile grade components. The amplifiers are of a unique low-feedback design for minimum transient and interface distortion, offering superb clarity and transparency right across the audible range, with an output impedance that is close to zero and suitable for virtually any high-quality third-party passive loudspeaker system. Trigger capability allows the G56 to be switched on remotely by means of a signal from your preamp. Trigger and other control signals are optically isolated from the amplifier itself. When in stand-by mode, a standing voltage is maintained on the power rails and supply components. As a result, you do not have to wait for half an hour after switching on for optimum performance to be achieved: it is there immediately. Two sets of outputs are provided per channel for bi-wiring, etc, on sturdy binding posts colour-coded for easy reference and capable of handling large-diameter high-quality loudspeaker cables. The output terminals are connected to the amplifiers by Van den Hul silver-strand cable to avoid signal losses. The amplifier can be operated in bridge mode by actuating a switch on the rear panel, in which case the left channel input becomes the input for the bridged pair and the inner output terminals are bridged, power being derived from the outer terminal pairs (see rear panel diagram). The amplifiers include electronic protection reset by power-cycling, with full DC and thermal protection. A front-panel indicator shows when the amplifier is in standby. When the unit is activated, an LED illuminates for each channel. In the event of thermal overload, the main indicator goes red and the channel lights go out, showing that the unit is off-line. A pushbutton on the front panel can be used to take the unit in and out of standby, while flexible 5–30V AC/DC trigger capability allows amplifier power to be controlled remotely along with the rest of a system. G56 2-Channel Power Amplifier G56 rear panel Outline Specifications Power Output: 2 channels at 100W into 8., or 1 channel at >300W into 8. (bridge mode) Distortion: Less than 0.01% input to output Signal/Noise: Better than –100dB Inputs: Balanced on XLR-3F connectors and unbalanced on phono Outputs: 2 output sets per channel, terminal posts Construction: 4 pairs of 15amp output devices per channel, and a total of 27,200.F of audiophile-grade PSU smoothing capacitors (2 per channel). Ultra low impedance error-corrected output stage. DC coupled, w...

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