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Инструкция по эксплуатации Uniden, модель PC122AM/SSB

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uni I!n@ PC122 PC122 AM/SSB Mobile CB Radio OWNER'SMANUAL / ... WE lCOM E To the world of sophisticated, microprocessorcontrolled AM/SSBradio communica tions. Your Uniden PC 122 represents the most advanced mobile type radio ever designed for use in the Citizens Band Radio Service. It will operate on any of the 40 AM frequencies and Upper and Lower Side Band Frequencies designated by the Department of Communications. Your PC 122 features a frequency synthesizing circuit with PHASELOCKLOOPtechniquesto assureprecisefrequency control. This radio has been type accepted and certified by the D.O.C. WARNING Before transmitting with your transceiver, you must obtain a Department of Communications (D.O.C.) Citizens Radio Licence. Obtain an application form, from the D.O.C. Before completing the form you should read the conditions governing the licensing and operation of the C.R.S. (D.O.C. brochure RB 249). This brochure also can be obtained from the D.O.C.After completing the application form, mail it with the appropriate fee to the Superintendant Regulatory of Licensingin the State or territory in which the station will be operated. MOBilE INSTAllATION Plan the location of the radio and microphone bracket before starting installation. Select a iocation that is convenient for operation and does not interfere with the driver or passenger in the vehicle. The radio should be securely fastened to a solid surface usingthe mounting bracket and self-tappingscrewswhich are provided. MOBILE ANTENNA Since the maximum allowable power output of the transceiver is' limited by the D.O.C., the antenna is a very important factor affecting transmission distance. It is for this reason that we strongly recommend that you install only a quality antenna in your new CB radio system. You have purchased a superior quality transceiver. Don't diminish its performance by installing an inferior antenna. Only a properly matched antenna system will allow maximum power tranSfer Trom me 50-ohm transmission line to the radiating element. We recommend that you use an SWR meter when installing your antenna. Set your PC 122 to channel 20 and adjust to SWR-1.YourSANTRONICdealerisqualifiedtoassistyouintheselectionofthe proper antenna to meet your application requirements. For automobile installation, the whip antenna may be used with good effect. The most efficient and practical installation is a full quarter wave whip antenna mounted on the rear deck or fender top, midway between the rear window and bumper. A short "Ioaded" whip antenna is more convenient to install on your automobile, although the efficiency is less than a full quarter wave whip antenna. For marine installation, consult your dealer for information regarding an adequate grounding system and prevention of electrolysis between fittings on the hull and water. -1 CONNECTING THE POWER CORDS With regard to the connection of the power cords, it may be possible or desirable to connect the red lead (for negative ground systems) or the black lead (for positive ground systems) to the ignition switch accessory terminal so that the radio is automatically turned off when the ignition switch (key) is turned off. Alternately, the power lead may be connected to an available terminal on the fuse block or even to a point in the wiring harness. Care must be taken, however, to guard against a short circuit condition. When in doubt, please contact your vehicle dealer for specific information for your vehicle. GROUND INFORMATION A negative ground system is generally identified by the" -" battery terminal being connected to the vehicle motor block, but if you cannot determine the polarity of your vehicle, consult your vehicle dealer for information. NOTE: This radio may be installed and used in any 12-volt DC negative or positive ground system. NEGATIVE GROUND SYSTEM If you are operating on a negative ground system, connect the red DC power cord from the radio to the positive "+" battery terminal or other convenient point and connect the black power lead to the chassisor vehicle frame, or the negative 11-" terminal of the battery. POSITIVE GROUND SYSTEM If you are operating on a positive ground system, connect the black DC power cord from the radio to the negative" -" battery terminal or other convenient point and connect the red power lead to the chassis or vehicle frame, or the positive" + " terminal of the battery. -2 CONTROLS AND FUNCTIONS @@ @ @ CD(j)@ 1. SQUELCH-The squelch control is used to eliminate background noise during the absence of a transmission. Turn the control fully counterclockwise, then slowly rotate it back clockwise until all noise disappears. At this setting any transmission must be slightly stronger than the background noise to "Break Squelch" or to be heard. Further clockwise rotation will increase the threshold at which a signal will be heard. You can select any level to "Break Squelch". 2. S/RF METER -This LED meter shows the relative strength of the received signal or transmit pow...

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