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Инструкция по эксплуатации Attwood, модель Tsunami 4606

Производитель: Attwood
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Position pump in the lowest accessible part of the bilge. On sailboats, location should be centered over keel. (Figure 1) Thru-Hull Connector Hose & Clamp Hose MUST Rise Upward with NO DIPSuitable Mounting Pad Base Strainer 12" min. Above Water Line 2. Do not mount pump directly to hull. Attach base strainer to a marine plywood mounting pad that is fiberglassed to the hull. HOSE CONNECTION INSTRUCTIONS IMPORTANT: To prevent airlock, hose must rise continually upward to the thru-hull connector with no dips or sharp bends. Support hose if necessary. 1. Orient pump outlet for a direct, unobstructed hose path. 2. Secure all connections with hose clamps. 3. If no thru-hull connector exists, install at 12" min. (25mm) above water line. Apply marine sealant around thru-hull flanges on interior and exterior of hull. PUMP MOUNTING INSTRUCTIONS 1. To access mounting holes, remove base strainer. Hold housing with one hand, depress locking tab with other. Twist counter-clockwise and remove pump housing from base. It is not necessary to remove motor cartridge for installation. (Figure 2) Figure 2 Press Tab To Unlock Motor Cartridge ReplacementMotor Cartridge Tab UnlockLock Lock Unlock Pump Housing (3) #8 Fasteners Base Strainer 1/8" Pilot Holes 2. Use base as template to mark 3 mounting holes in mounting pad. CAUTION: Do not drill through hull. Before drilling be sure mounted pump will be correctly positioned with pump nozzle pointing toward thru-hull connector. (Figure 1) 3. Remove base. Drill three 1/8" (3mm) pilot holes at marked locations. 4. Replace base. Attach with #8 stainless steel fasteners. 5. Re-attach pump to base. Insert into base, twist clockwise until tab snaps in and prevents turning. (Figure 2) WIRING INSTRUCTIONS Make all wire connections above the highest water level. Use marine grade wire connectors only. Waterproof all connections with suitable materials. (Figure 3) NOTE: Failure to make waterproof connections and fuse pump properly will void the product warranty. Figure 3 (neg) (pos) 2-Terminal On/Off Switch Brown Wire Black Wire Fuse Holder 12 or 24 Volt DC (Power Source) 72" (183cm) Max. Length From (+) Terminal to Fuse 1. Connect positive lead (brown) to switch. For automatic operation, use Attwood Automatic Float Switch (#4201 or 4202). Connect negative lead (black) to ground. 2. Install fuse holder within 72" (183 cm) of the positive (+) battery terminal. Use standard automotive (SAE J554) glass tube type electrical fuse. 3. To test system, feed water into the pump. If flow appears low, be sure wires have been connected properly: Brown-to-positive (switch), and black-to-negative. Reversed wiring reduces performance and can cause pump failure. MAINTENANCE AND TROUBLESHOOTING Disconnect power to the pump. Regularly inspect and clean to be sure that debris is not blocking the strainer or impeller. If pump runs but does not pump water: 1. Check for airlock. Be sure that outlet hose runs upward to the thru-hull connector, with no dips. ...

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