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Инструкция по эксплуатации Yard Machines, модель 769-01401

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Using improperly mixed fuel can severely damage the engine. Thoroughly mix the proper ratio of 2-cycle engine oil with unleaded gasoline in a separate fuel can. Use a 40:1 fuel/oil ratio. Do not mix them directly in the engine fuel tank. See the table below for specific gas and oil mixing ratios. NOTE: One gallon (3.8 liters) of unleaded gasoline mixed with one 3.2 oz. (95 ml.) bottle of 2-cycle oil makes a 40:1 fuel/oil ratio. + UNLEADED GAS 2 CYCLE OIL 1 GALLON US 3.2 FL. OZ. (3.8 LITERS) (95 ml) 1 LITER 25 ml MIXING RATIO - 40:1 Gasoline is extremely flammable. Ignited Vapors may explode. Always stop the engine and allow it to cool before filling the fuel tank. Do not smoke while filling the tank. Keep sparks and open flames at a distance from the area. WARNING: Remove fuel cap slowly to avoid injury from fuel spray. Never operate the unit without the fuel cap securely in place. WARNING: Add fuel in a clean, well ventilated outdoor area. Wipe up any spilled fuel immediately. Avoid creating a source of ignition for spilt fuel. Do not start the engine until fuel vapors dissipate. WARNING: NOTE: Dispose of the old fuel/oil mix in accordance to Federal, State and Local regulations. FILLING THE FUEL TANK Make sure the cultivator is in a horizontal position when filling or adding fuel to the tank. Fig. 5 STARTING/STOPPING INSTRUCTIONS Operate this unit only WARNING: in a well- ventilated outdoor area. Carbon monoxide exhaust fumes can be lethal in a confined area. Avoid accidental WARNING: starting. Make sure you are in the starting position when pulling the starter rope (Fig. 8). To avoid serious injury, the operator and unit must be in a stable position while starting. STARTING INSTRUCTIONS 1. Mix gas with oil. Fill fuel tank with fuel/oil mixture. Refer to Oil and Fuel Mixing Instructions. 2. Make sure the On/Off Stop Control in the ON [I] position (Fig. 6). 3. Place the blue choke lever in Position 1 (Fig. 7). 4. Fully press and release the primer bulb 10 times, slowly. Some amount of fuel should be visible in the primer bulb and fuel lines (Fig. 7). If you can’t see fuel in the bulb, press and release the bulb as many times as it takes before you can see fuel in it. 5. Stand between the handlebars and support the unit by placing your left foot on the wheel bracket assembly and gripping the handlebar grip with your right hand (Fig. 8). NOTE: Tilt the unit back slightly to bring the tines off the ground when starting. 6. While squeezing the throttle control to the wide open (full throttle) position, grasp the starter rope grip with your left hand. Pull the starter rope out a short distance, until you feel some resistance. This is usually around 2-4 inches. Then pull the rope smoothly and briskly. Repeat this 5 times. 7. Move the blue choke lever to Position 2. 8. While squeezing the throttle control, pull the starter rope in the same manner as explained in Step 6. Pull 1 to 3 times to start the engine. 9. Keep the throttle squeezed and allow the engine to warm up for 15 to 30 seconds. 10. Place the blue choke lever in Position 3. Release the throttle control to the idle position and begin operation. IF... The engine does not start, go back to step 3. IF... The engine fails to start after a few attempts, place the blue choke lever in Position 3 and squeeze the throttle control. Pull the starter rope briskly 3 to 8 times. The engine should start. If not, repeat. IF WARM... If the engine is already warm, make sure the On/Off Stop control is in the ON position and start the unit with the blue choke lever in Position 2. After the unit starts, move the blue choke lever to Position 3. ON (I) OFF (O) Throttle Control On/Off Stop Control Fig. 6 Position 1 Position 3 Blue Choke Lever Position 2 Primer Bulb Fig. 7 Starter Rope Throttle Control Fig. 8 STOPPING INSTRUCTIONS 1. Release your hand from the throttle control. Allow the engine to cool down by idling. 2. Put the On/Off Stop Control in the STOP (O) position. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS OPERATING TIPS Dress properly to WARNING: reduce the risk of injury when operating this unit. Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry. Wear eye and ear/hearing protection. Wear heavy long pants, boots and gloves. Do not wear short pants, sandals or operate barefoot. 1. Move the cultivator to the work area prior to starting the engine. Transport the cultivator by pushing it on its wheels. To prevent serious WARNING: personal injury, never pick-up or carry the unit while the engine is running. 2. Start the unit as described in the Starting Instructions. 3. With the engine running and the tines off the ground, depress the throttle control to increase the engine speed. 4. Holding both of the handlebar grips firmly, slowly lower the cultivator until the tines make contact with the ground (Fig. 9). 5. As cultivating action begins, pull back on the cultivator so that the tines can penetrate the ground. 6. Once the ground has been broken, continue at a moderate pace until you are familiar with ...

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