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Инструкция по эксплуатации Compatible Systems, модель 1220I

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Please call Compatible Systems Technical Support if your router shows a software panic. Appendix C -LED Patterns and Test Switch Settings MicroRouter 1220i Switch Settings 0 Normal Operation 1 Unused* 2 Unused* 3 Run Boot ROM Downloader 4 Unused* 5 Erase Flash ROM (OS and Configuration) 6 Erase Flash ROM (Configuration Only) 7 Unused* 8 Unused* 9 Allow letmein password for 5 minutes after powerup . Caution: Settings marked with an asterisk may erase your Flash ROM. Please do not use these settings without first contacting Compatible Systems Technical Support. Appendix D -Downloading Software From Compatible Systems 35 Appendix D -Downloading Software From Compatible Systems We make the latest versions of operating software for all Compatible Systems products available at our Web site. The latest version of CompatiView management software is also available. To download software, follow the instructions below. 1. Use your browser to access and find the link on our home page to “Software Downloads.” 2. Select the product and software version you want, and click on the appropriate file to download it. . Note: Uncompressed downloads (suitable for TFTP and CompatiView Windows downloading) are stored as .DLD files. Self-extracting Windows compatible style files (and CompatiView for Windows itself) are stored as .EXE files. Self-extracting Macintosh style files are stored as .sea.bin (MacBinary format) and/or .sea.hqx files. . Note: These files are also accessible directly via Anonymous FTP at ftp.compatible.com/files/. . Appendix E -Terms and Conditions Appendix E -Terms and Conditions Compatible Systems Corporation (Compatible Systems) offers to sell only on the condition that Customer’s acceptance is expressly limited to Compatible Systems’ terms and conditions of sale. Compatible Systems’ acceptance of any order from Customer is expressly made conditional on assent to these terms and conditions of sale unless otherwise specifically agreed to in writing by Compatible Systems. In the absence of such agreement, commencement of performance or delivery shall be for Customer’s convenience only and shall not be construed as an acceptance of Compatible Systems’ terms and conditions. If a contract is not earlier formed by mutual agreement in writing, Customer’s acceptance of any goods or services shall be deemed acceptance of the terms and conditions stated herein. 1. Warranty. Compatible Systems warrants to the Customer and to all persons who purchase Products from the Customer during the Warranty terms (“subsequent purchasers”), that, for a period of three (3) years from the date (the “shipping date”) on which Compatible Systems ships the Products to the Customer: (a) the Product meets, in all material respects, all specifications published by Compatible Systems for such Products as of the shipping date; (b) the Products are free from all material defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service; and (c) that as a result of the purchase of the Products from Compatible Systems, the Customer will have good title to the Products, free and clear of all liens and encumbrances. Compatible Systems’ obligations pursuant to this Warranty, and the sole remedies of the Customer and of any subsequent purchaser, shall be limited to the repair or replacement, in Compatible Systems’ sole discretion, of any of the Products that do not conform to this Warranty. This Warranty shall be invalidated if the Products (a) have not been installed, handled, or used in accordance with Compatible Systems recommended procedures; (b) have been damaged through the negligence or abuse of the Customer or of any subsequent purchasers; (c) are damaged by causes external to the Products, including (without limitation) shipping damage, power or air conditioning failure, or accident or catastrophe of any nature; and (d) have been subjected to repairs or attempted repairs by any person other than Compatible Systems (or an authorized Compatible Systems service technician). Appendix E -Terms and Conditions To obtain service under this Warranty, the Customer (or subsequent purchaser, if applicable) must follow the procedures outlined below, under “Product Return Policy.” THE WARRANTIES SET FORTH IN THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS ARE IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. WITHOUT LIMITATION ON THE GENERALITY OF THE FOREGOING SENTENCE, COMPATIBLE SYSTEMS EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS AND EXCLUDES ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTIBILITY AND OF FITNESS (GENERALLY OR FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE). 2. Shipments. All delivery indications are estimated and are dependent in part upon prompt receipt of all necessary information to service an order. Compatible Systems shall not be liable for any premium transportation or other costs or losses incurred by Customer as a result of Compatible Systems inability to deliver Product in accordance with Customer’s requested delivery dates. All shipments by Compatible Systems are made F...

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