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Инструкция по эксплуатации Makita, модель 3606

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If you use this tool unsafely or incorrectly, you can suffer serious personal injury. 1. Hold tool by insulated gripping surfaces 4. Check the bit carefully for cracks or dam- when performing an operation where the age before operation. Replace cracked or cutting tool may contact hidden wiring or damaged bit immediately. its own cord. Contact with a “live” wire will 5. Avoid cutting nails. Inspect for and make exposed metal parts of the tool “live” remove all nails from the workpiece and shock the operator. before operation. 2. Wear hearing protection during extended 6. Hold the tool firmly with both hands. period of operation. 7. Keep hands away from rotating parts. 3. Handle the bits very carefully. 8. Make sure the bit is not contacting the workpiece before the switch is turned on. 9. Before using the tool on an actual work- piece, let it run for a while. Watch for vibration or wobbling that could indicate improperly installed bit. 10. Be careful of the bit rotating direction and the feed direction. 11. Do not leave the tool running. Operate the tool only when hand-held. 12. Always switch off and wait for the bit to come to a complete stop before removing the tool from workpiece. 13. Do not touch the bit immediately after operation; it may be extremely hot and could burn your skin. 14. Always lead the power supply cord away from the tool towards the rear. 15. Do not smear the tool base carelessly with thinner, gasoline, oil or the like. They may cause cracks in the tool base. 16. Draw attention to the need to use cutters of the correct shank diameter and suitable for the speed of the tool. 17. Some material contains chemicals which may be toxic. Take caution to prevent dust inhalation and skin contact. Follow material supplier safety data. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS WARNING: MISUSE or failure to follow the safety rules stated in this instruction manual may cause serious personal injury. FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION 1 2 1. Scale ring 2. Clamp screw 003659 1 1. Switch lever CAUTION: • Always be sure that the tool is switched off and unplugged before adjusting or checking function on the tool. Adjusting the depth of cut Place the tool on a flat surface. Turn the scale ring until it makes contact with the base. Loosen the clamp screw. Turn the scale ring until the bit just touches the flat surface. Tighten the clamp screw. Place the tool on its side and turn the scale ring counterclockwise (when viewing the tool from the top) until the desired depth of cut is obtained. One full turn of the scale ring is equal to 1/4” change in depth setting. Loosen the clamp screw and move the tool base until it makes contact with the scale ring. Then tighten the clamp screw securely. CAUTION: • Since excessive cutting may cause overload of the motor or difficulty in controlling the tool, the depth of cut should not be more than 15 mm (9/16”) at a pass when cutting grooves with a 6 mm (1/4”) diameter bit. NOTE: • When cutting grooves with a 20 mm (13/16”) diameter bit, the depth of cut should not be more than 5 mm (3/16”) at a pass. When you wish to cut grooves more than 15 mm (9/16”) deep with a 6 mm (1/4”) diameter bit or more than 5 mm (3/16”) deep with a 20 mm (13/16”) diameter bit, make several passes with progressively deeper bit settings. Switch action CAUTION: • Before plugging in the tool, always check to see that the tool is switched off. • Switch can be locked in “ON” position for ease of operator comfort during extended use. Apply caution when locking tool in “ON” position and maintain firm grasp on tool. • Make sure that the shaft lock is released before the switch is turned on. To start the tool, move the switch lever to the I (ON) position. To stop the tool, move the switch lever to the O (OFF) position. To start the tool, move the switch lever to the I (ON) position. To stop the tool, move the switch lever to the O (OFF) position. CAUTION: • Always be sure that the tool is switched off and unplugged before carrying out any work on the tool. 003669 Installing or removing the bit CAUTION: • Install the bit securely. Always use only the wrench provided with the tool. A loose or overtightened bit can be dangerous. • Do not tighten the collet nut without inserting a bit, or the collet cone will break. Insert the bit all the way into the collet cone. Press the shaft lock to keep the shaft stationary and use the wrench to tighten the collet nut securely. To remove the bit, follow the installation procedure in reverse. Set the tool base on the workpiece to be cut without the bit OPERATION making any contact. Then turn the tool on and wait until the bit attains full speed. Move the tool forward over the work- piece surface, keeping the tool base flush and advancing smoothly until the cutting is complete. When doing edge cutting, the workpiece surface should be on the left side of the bit in the feed direction. 001984 1 2 1. Shaft lock 2. Bit 2 1 2 3 4 4 1. Workpiece 2. Bit revolving direction 3. View fro...

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