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Инструкция по эксплуатации Carrier Access, модель 52C

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FOR FIELD INSTALLATION WITH EXISTING WALL SLEEVES, OUTDOOR LOUVERS, AND INDOOR PANELS AS SPECIFIED ON THE PRODUCT. 2 52 CE A 3 12 3 0 1 AA Series Designation PTAC (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner) CE – Cooling with Electric Heat CQ – Heat Pump Chassis Options AA – Standard CP – Corrosion Protection RC – Wall Thermostat Control RP – Wall Thermostat Control with Corrosion Protection Packaging 1 – Domestic Non-Performance Changes 0-9 Electrical Data 3 – 230/208-v, 60 Hz 4 – 265-v, 60 Hz Latest Revision A – Z Electric Heater Size 2 – 2.3 kW 3 – 3.4 kW 5 – 5.0 kW Cooling Capacity (nominal) 07 – 7,000 Btuh 09 – 9,000 Btuh 12 – 12,000 Btuh 15 – 15,000 Btuh FIGURE 3 — MODEL NUMBER NOMENCLATURE To install the front panel follow the procedure outlined below: 1. Firmly grasp bottom of front panel on both sides. 2. Hold front panel at a 45 degree angle to unit. Be sure front panel is centered with front of unit. 3. Connect top of front panel to partition rail on top of unit. 4. Gently lower front panel onto chassis, ensuring service cord is positioned through front panel slot. NOTE: Magnets on bottom of front panel will secure front panel to unit. To install locking feature on front panel be sure front panel is already installed on unit and follow the steps below: NOTE: Two field-supplied no. 8, 1/2 in. sheet metal screws are required to secure front panel to chassis. 1. Remove both indoor air inlet filters to expose front panel engagement holes. See Figure 4. 2. Secure front panel to chassis by attaching the field-supplied screws into engagement holes. Do not over tighten. 3. Replace both indoor air inlet filters. NOTE: Front panel alignment may have to be adjusted slightly to line with chassis. TOP PARTITION DISCHARGE ENGAGEMENT FRONT PANEL DECK HOLE SLOT FIGURE 4 — FRONT PANEL INSTALLATION WITH LOCKING FEATURE 3 52C SERIES ELECTRICAL DATA ELECTRICAL SHOCK HAZARD DO NOT alter cord or plug, and DO NOT use an extension cord. Personal injury or damage to the unit may result. Be sure that your outlet matches the appropriate blade configuration of the supplied plug and that it is within reach of the service cord. A hardwire kit is available as an accessory to change cord-connected units to hardwired units. (See Accessories section, page 14.) IMPORTANT: All standard cord-connected 265-v units will require a field-installed electrical subbase accessory. ALL UNITS WIRE SIZE — Use recommended wire size given in Table 1 and install a single branch circuit. All wiring must comply with local and national codes. All units are designed to operate off single branch circuits only. NOTE: Use copper conductors only. GROUNDING — For safety and protection, the unit is grounded through the service cord plug or through separate ground wire provided on hardwired units. Be sure that the branch circuit or general purpose outlet is grounded. TABLE 1 — SUGGESTED BRANCH CIRCUIT WIRE SIZES* NAMEPLATE AMPS AWG WIRE SIZE† 7.0 to 12 14 12.1 to 16 12 16.1 to 24 10 LEGEND AWG — American Wire Gage *Single circuit from main box. †Based on copper wire at 60 C temperature rating. VOLTAGE SUPPLY Check voltage supply at outlet. For satisfactory results, the voltage range must always be within the ranges found on the data information plate (Figure 1). CORD-CONNECTED UNITS — The 250-v field- supplied outlet must match the plug for the standard 208/230-v units and be within reach of the service cord. The standard cord-connected 265-v units require an accessory electrical subbase for operation. See Accessories section, page 14, for subbase selection. Refer to Table 2 for proper receptacle and fuse type. TABLE 2 — RECEPTACLES AND FUSE TYPES — 250,265 VOLTS RECEPTACLE 15 Amps 20 Amps 30 Amps 15 Amps 20 Amps 30 Amps RATED VOLTS 250 250 250 265 265 265 TIME-DELAY TYPE FUSE (or HACR Circuit Breaker) 15 20* 30 15 20 30 LEGEND HACR — Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration *May be used for 15-amp applications if fused for 15 amp. 4 5 INSTALLATION CHASSIS INSTALLATION Units are shipped without a sleeve. In applications where unit is a replacement, it is recommended that a Carrier sleeve be used. The 52C unit can retrofit General Electric, Amana and Trane sleeves/grilles (be sure outdoor grille is installed on the sleeve). A retrofit kit with instructions is included with every unit. See Table 3 for details. Carrier Corporation must approve any other retrofit application. In deep-wall applications, if an existing grille is used on an outdoor wall opening, do not install an additional outdoor grille on unit sleeve. Be sure that the foam strips and/or baffles provide a good seal between the grille and condenser coil tube sheets. These foam strips or baffles provide a barrier to separate condenser air from the major components (compressor and fan motor). See Figures 5 to 8. NOTE: Inspect wall sleeve for any damage or deterioration before installing chassis. TABLE 3 — RETROFIT WALL SLEEVES *Retrofit k If baffles are not installed properly, loss of perfor- it is not n...

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