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Инструкция по эксплуатации DENSO CORPORATION, модель OFFICE PRO 12

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Ground fault breaker tripped . Drain tank is full (FULL TANK LED will be flashing) Reset breaker Empty the drain tank Insufficient cooling . Dirty/blocked air filters . Air inlet/outlet blocked . Improper temperature setting Clean air filters Clear air inlet/outlet Set to desired position If symptoms persist after the above actions have been taken, turn the unit off, disconnect the power cord plug and contact your MovinCool reseller. 19 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS ITEM/FEATURES Office Pro 12 Office Pro 24 Rating Conditions dry bulb 95. F (35. C) 95. F (35. C) wet bulb 83. F (28.2. C) 83. F (28.2. C) humidity (60%) (60%) Specifications power frequency 60Hz 60Hz line voltage single phase 115 V single phase 208/230V power consumption 1.23 Kw 2.7 Kw current consumption 11.3 Amps 13.1/11.8 Amps power factor 95% 99% starting current 32A 32.9A power wiring 14 (3-core) AWG 12 (3-core) AWG Cooling Unit cooling capability 2,950 Kcal/hr 11,700 BTU/hr 6,000 Kcal/hr 24,000 BTU/hr cooling system direct expansion direct expansion Blower type of fan air volume: Evaporator (High speed) Condenser (High speed) motor output (High) (Low) centrifugal fan 441 ft 3/min (745 m3/h) 823 ft 3/min (1391 m3/h) 0.14 Kw 0.08 Kw centrifugal fan 632 ft 3/min (1068 m3/h) 867 ft 3/min (1465 m3/h) 0.48 Kw 0.41 Kw Compressor type output refrigerant type refrigerant capacity rotary 0.8 Kw R-22 0.95 lbs (0.43 kg) rotary 1.4 Kw R-22 2.17 lbs (0.96 kg) Safety Devices compressor overload protector included included fan motor protector included included anti-freezing thermistor included included full drain tank switch included included automatic restart (power interruption) included included compressor time delay program included included Dimensions & Weight W x D x H (in) 21.2" x 27.4" x 44" 21.2" x 27.4" x 47.25" W x D x H (mm) 538 x 696 x 1118 538 x 696 x 1200 weight (lbs/kg) 165 / 75 210 / 95 Operating Conditions inlet air (relative humidity) 95. F (35. C), . 60% 65. F (18.3. C), . 50% 95. F (35. C), . 60% 65. F (18.3. C), . 50% Control Device temperature control programmable timer two speed fan included included included included included included 20 LIMITED WARRANTY DENSO SALES CALIFORNIA, INC. ("DENSO") warrants its MOVINCOOL Products only to the extent stated in its official written warranties. Unless otherwise specifically provided in writing by DENSO, DENSO warrants to enduser that the Products shall be free of defects in materials or workmanship and will function in accordance with DENSO's published specifications under ordinary intended use and service for a period of twelve (12) months after delivery to the enduser; provided, however, in the case of the compressor element of the Products such warranty shall be for a period of thirty six (36) months after delivery to the end-user. DENSO shall, at its sole option, repair or replace any defective Product covered by this warranty. Such remedy shall be end-user's sole remedy with respect to any particular defect in the Products. This warranty does not cover defects or malfunctions which result from causes beyond DENSO's control, including, without limitation, (i) unusual physical or electrical stress; (ii) accident, neglect, abuse, misuse or other abnormal use; (iii) failure to perform routine maintenance in accordance with DENSO'S recommended procedures; (iv) normal wear and tear; (v) repairs or attempted repairs by an unauthorized person; (vi) modifications or alterations to the Products; (vii) use with supplies or devices not supplied or approved by DENSO; or (viii) improper servicing. This warranty shall extend only to the original end-user and shall be void if any labels or other identifying marks permanently affixed to Products when shipped by DENSO are removed, altered, defaced or obliterated. The aforesaid warranty is the only warranty made by DENSO with respect to the Products and is in lieu of all obligations or liabilities on the part of DENSO for damages arising out of or in connection with the sale, use or performance of the Products, including, without limitation, any lost profits or any other consequential, incidental, special or exemplary damages of any kind. DENSO DISCLAIMS ALL OTHER WARRANTIES WITH REGARD TO THE PRODUCTS, INCLUDING ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR USE. THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES WHICH EXTEND BEYOND THE DESCRIPTION CONTAINED HEREIN. PURCHASE DATE: _____________________________________________________ SERIAL NUMBER: _____________________________________________________ DETACH HERE Technical Services Department DSCA P/N: LA990009-1218 Fourth Issue: April 2003 GAC P/N: LA484007-1421 Printed in the U.S.A. NO POSTAGE NECESSARY IF MAILED IN THE UNITED STATES BUSINESS REPLY MAIL FIRST-CLASS MAIL PERMIT NO. 8390 LONG BEACH, CA . . . . . DENSO SALES CALIFORNIA, INC.3900 VIA ORO AVENUELONG BEACH CA 90810-9969 DENSO SALES CALIFORNIA, INC. 3900 Via Oro Avenue Long Beach CA 90810-1868 800-264-9573 / 310-834-6352 ...

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