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Инструкция по эксплуатации AVERATEC, модель N3400

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Log Off will enable the current user to log off and allows a new user to log on. Turn Off Computer allows you to shut down, restart, and Stand by modes for power saving purposes. Chapter 3 Using the Notebook Computer 34 Taskbar When you open a program, its icon is displayed at the taskbar for you to conveniently move between programs by clicking the relevant button. To add or remove toolbars from the taskbar: right click an empty spot on the taskbar, select Toolbars choose the toolbar you want to add. Notification The icons that appear here are for quick access to some programs and computer functions that you frequently used. To prevent Windows Vista from hiding icons: From an empty spot on the Taskbar, right click your mouse and select the Properties, remove the checked mark on the Auto-hide the taskbar. Chapter 3 Using the Notebook Computer 35 Control Panel It is in this area that you can change how Windows looks and works. Click Start Control Panel dialog box. There are two interfaces -Classic View. Chapter 3 Using the Notebook Computer 36 Using the Bluetooth Capabilities of Your Notebook PC Your system has a built-in Bluetooth module, so you can use any Bluetooth device after pairing it with your system. To use a Bluetooth device, refer to the next steps: 1. Pair your Bluetooth device with your system. To pair your Bluetooth device with your system, refer to the manual that came with your device. 2. Double click the Bluetooth Devices icon on the task bar. 3. If your Bluetooth device is paired correctly, you can see the icon of your device in the device list box. Note If you want to set Bluetooth, use Bluetooth Settings. To set Bluetooth: Select the settings for Bluetooth in each tab and click OK when you finished the settings. Chapter 3 Using the Notebook Computer 37 Chapter 4 Desktop Operation Your notebook is capable of providing you with efficient and productive mobile computing, it also has the speed and capacity to service as a desktop system. This chapter discusses those functions of your notebook that are typical of desktop systems. Audio The Multimedia Sound System The Notebook’s built-in audio capabilities allow you to take advantage of a wide range of education and entertainment multimedia software. The Notebook is equipped with two internal stereo speakers, a microphone, and input audio ports for external audio units. An external microphone can be connected to the microphone jack. External speakers or headphones can be connected to the Notebook’s audio-out jack. External audio devices can be connected to the Line in jack. All audio features are software controlled. The Notebook’s multimedia sound system includes the following features: • Supports Windows Sound System compatibility • Full Duplex operation • Dynamic filtering reduces noise and distortion rate • 16-bit digitized audio playback • Bulit-in stereo speakers • Digitized audio recording through the Notebook’s built-in microphone or any external source Chapter 4 Desktop Operation 39 Audio Volume Control The Notebook is equipped with hot-key volume controls: Pressing the [Fn]+[F11] hot-key combination decreases the audio output volume, press the [Fn]+[F10] hot-key combination increases the audio output volume. Audio Software Your notebook comes equipped with an integrated sound system capable of providing you with quality audio sound through the builtin speakers or through external speakers connected via the system ports. Sound Recording Your system allows you to record sounds and store them as files using the microphone via the microphone jack on the right side of the notebook computer. Check the Windows Help and Support Center in Windows for information on using the various elements in sound recording. Note For a high-quality sound, click on the "Volume Control" at the lower right end of your screen. From the Volume Control windows, click on the "Advanced" tab, click and select the "Microphone Boost" item. Playing Sound Files Your notebook can play audio files stored in MIDI, WAVE or MP3 file format. Check the Help and Support Center in Windows for information on the functions of the Media Player. External Speakers and Microphone The sound system is capable in providing high-quality sound to external speakers and receiving and processing sounds from an external microphone or external sound source. Connecting Peripheral Devices To expand your computing capabilities, you can add a variety of external devices to your computer. Chapter 4 Desktop Operation 40 Chapter 5 5 Internet Connection There are numerous ways to connect to the Internet. This may vary from the user’s working environment as well as system specifications. • Using a wired LAN • Using a wireless LAN Using a Wired LAN for Connection to the Internet For you connect to the Internet, a wired LAN environment normally uses the company’s LAN or a broadband modem. Chapter 5 Internet Connection 42 Using Wireless LAN Network for Connection to the Internet Chapter 5 Internet Connec...

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