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Инструкция по эксплуатации AVERATEC, модель 3200

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It combines state-of-the-art ergonomics with sophisticated architecture to provide you with a personal computer that is compact, powerful, and easy to use. Designed for a wide range of general, business, and personal productivity applications, the notebook is an ideal choice for use in the office, at home, and on the road. For maximum expandability without compromising portability, the notebook accommodates a number of modules, including a combination DVD and CD-RW optical drive, three USB ports, modem port, LAN port and PCMCIA card slot. The high capacity hard disk drive provides you with plenty of storage space for multimedia files and applications. This Manual contains all the information you need to set up and use your new notebook. It describes all the features of the notebook in an easy-to-read yet thorough manner. Inventory This computer system is designed for years of productive and pleasurable computing. Use this section to keep details of your purchase. This information will be required should you need to make repairs to your notebook during the warranty period. Update this section when you add new options. DATE OF PURCHASE: PLACE OF PURCHASE: DEALER'S NAME: DEALER'S ADDRESS: TELEPHONE: E-MAIL ADDRESS/WWW: CONTACT PERSON: PART NUMBER: SERIAL NUMBER: The serial number is on the label (with a bar code) on the bottom side of the computer. The Part Number is also located on the bottom side of your compute and begins with the letters “AV”. Safety and Maintenance You can use your notebook computer under a wide range of environmental conditions. However, to ensure long use and continued high performance, consider the following factors when setting up your computer: • Follow all warnings and instructions noted in this documentation and in the Windows Help program. • The first time you use your computer, we recommend that you carefully read the Making Connections section of this manual and initialize the battery to ensure optimum battery performance. • Unplug the computer from the power outlet before cleaning. Use a damp cloth for cleaning. Do not use aerosols, solvents, or strong detergents. • Do not use the computer near open water or other liquids. Never spill liquid onto the computer. • Do not place the computer in an unstable location where it might slip or be knocked over. Serious damage could result from a fall. • Slots and openings in the system cabinet are for ventilation purposes. Do not block or cover these openings or the system could overheat. Do not use or store the computer near a source of heat or dust. • On the base or rear panel of this notebook, there is a label with information on the power requirements of this system. These requirements must be followed. If you are unsure of your local power supply, consult your dealer or local Power Company. • Do not step on or place anything on the power cord. • If you use the computer with an extension cord, ensure that the total ampere ratings of all the devices sharing the extension do not exceed the rating of the extension cord or the rating of the wall outlet. • Never push foreign objects into the computer through any of the slots or openings. Dangerous voltages are present, which could cause electric shock or fire, or damage sensitive components. • For best results, use a power strip with a built-in surge protector. Do not use inferior extension cords as this may result in damage to your computer. • Set the computer on a flat, stable surface. To prevent damage to the computer’s hard disk drive, avoid using the computer where it will be exposed to strong vibration. Checklists After opening the package, carefully inspect the contents. If any of the items is missing or appear damaged, contact your dealer. The shipping carton should contain the following: STANDARD • Internal battery • AC adapter with power cord • Recovery CDs OPTIONS The following items are optional and can be purchased separately from AVERATEC’s web site or your preferred computer store. • Spare Lithium Ion Battery • Spare AC Adapter • Auto Adapter • Carrying bag • USB Floppy Disk Drive Caution: When purchasing any of the accessories listed above, purchase only those accessories that are approved for use with your computer. Some of the above accessories are proprietary items. Your system vendor can obtain these approved accessories. If you use items that are not approved for use with this computer, you may cause your computer to malfunction, or to emit or receive electro-magnetic radiation in excess of local regulations. For non- proprietary accessories such as PC cards or printers, ensure that the accessory functions properly in your computer before making the purchase. Your system vendor may be able to recommend compatible brands and models. Features High Capacity Hard Disk Drive The computer has a high capacity hard disk drive to store your favorite programs and large multimedia files. Built-in Modem/LAN Capability/WLAN Module A built-in 56Mbps 802.11g wireless LAN, 56k data an...

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