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Инструкция по эксплуатации IBM, модель WAVV 2004

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The VSAM Redirector allows you to redirect all requests to a certain VSAM file into any other file system or database on any other (Java-enabled) platform. VSE/ESA is the client, while the server part runs on any other Java-enabled platform like Windows. For example you could use the VSAM Redirector to synchronize a VSAM file with a DB2 database running on a Windows. By using the VSAM Redirector your existing VSAM programs doesn't require any revisions. The VSAM Redirector makes use of a so called VSAM Data Access Exit (VDA). This exit intercepts all VSAM requests. The exit gets control at OPEN, CLOSE, and for all data requests (GET, PUT, INSERT,...). A configuration table is used to define which VSAM files are being "redirected". The VSAM Redirector Client on VSE forwards all requests against a redirected file to the VSAM Redirector Server which then handles the request. The VSAM Redirector Server is a Java application. It can run on any Java enabled platform. Redirect VSAM requests to a HTML page on Windows -Overview Initial state: ..You have a VSAM file that contains data (FLIGHT.ORDERING.ORDERS) ..You have applications that work with that VSAM file (i.e. batch applications, CICS Application, tools like Ditto ) Goal: ..Redirect all VSAM INSERT requests to a HTML page on Windows ..This operation can be done with existing applications (without changing/touching them) NOTE: The VSAM Redirector Server does NOT require the VSE Connector Client on Windows VSE/ESA 2.6 Apache TCP/IP CICS Transaction batch Redirector server Redirector client VSAM Request VSAM ProgramHTML page Handler Chapter1: Steps for installation of VSAM Redirector server on Windows STEP1.1: Navigate to VSE Redirector Server home page Open the VSE Homepage with a web browser: Click on "Service and Support" on the left side and then on "e-business connectors and utilities". The page you see contains the VSAM Redirector Server and some tools that can be downloaded for free. Navigate to the VSAM Redirector Server which represents the remote component of the VSAM Redirector. Click on: Details and Download The page explains the most important functions of the VSAM Redirector Server, which is the Java part of the VSAM Redirector function. Steps for installation on a workstation STEP1.2: Verification if Java environment installed To install the VSAM Redirector a Java Virtual Machine must be installed on Windows. ..To just run Java programs, the JRE 1.3.x or later is needed (Java Runtime Environment), ..to develop/compile Java programs, JDK 1.3.x or later is needed (Java Developer Kit, which includes the JRE). To verify if a Java Virtual Machine is installed, open a command prompt and hit command: java -version You should see something like: Java version "1.3.1" Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition If the messages above are shown go to STEP1.4. STEP1.3: Install JDK if not on the system If following message is shown: 'Java' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. -> your system has no Java virtual machine (Runtime Environment) installed. To install a Java Virtual machine on the PC do: On the same HTML page (Service and Support -> VSE e-business Connectors): VSAM Redirector Server -> Details and Download in section: Installation you will find a link were you can download the Java Developer Kit from IBM. or you can download a SUN Version from Install the downloaded JDK 1.3.x. or later and reboot the workstation. Steps for installation on a workstation STEP1.4: Download VSE Redirector server Code With Java installed, navigate on VSAM Redirector Server -> Details and Download to: Download latest Code via HTML and click on: redir270-pq74694.zip (VSE 2.6 and 2.7). The file name may vary since it contains an APAR number. Please make sure you have applied the corresponding APAR on your VSE system. The download process will be started. You will be prompted to specify where to save the code. Save it in a place you remember later on. Download via FTP: An alternative to the HTML download can be an FTP download if the code is on a FTP server. For that issue commands: ftp cd bin mget *.zip After the code is downloaded it must be unzipped. The ZIP file contains the following files: install.class, install.bat, install.cmd, install.sh Note: The VSAM Redirector server is also shipped and installed with the VSE base product in Library PRD1.BASE as member iesvsmrd.w You can download it from there in binary format and rename it to redir27.zip. But the newest level will always be on the Internet. Steps for installation on a workstation STEP1.5: Install VSE Redirector Server To install the VSAM Redirector server, open a Windows command line and change current directory to the one where install.class resides. Type: java install or start the install program install.bat This will guide y...

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