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Инструкция по эксплуатации Rosewill, модель RMS-A520

Производитель: Rosewill
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Название файла: usermanual-rms-a520-front-line.pdf
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If your seat is unable to assemble the base , please refer to step A and B. STEP A: Choose suitable link bracket, assemble with screw base, washer and screw nut tightly. STEP B : Loose the bolt of seat, and screw the link bracket tightly. , Head I Quick Release Telescopic Tube < Joint Knob Telescopic Tube Quick Release CAUTION ’Please surely fasten all the screws to the tightest when use the stand. *Not for driver use while driving. *Do not put the stand too high to disturb the air bag. *Max load: when moving 5KG, when immobility 10KG Velcro Belt Velcro Belt <- STEP 2: Put the stand on the base and push the quick release tightly.(to remove the stand, loosen the quick-release’s screw to avoid the inner diameter being shrunken. STEP 3: Loosen and fasten the joint knob can adjust the height and angle of the stand. STEP 4: Push the quick release can adjust the length of the stand and rotate the inner tube. STEP 5: After being adjusted to suitable position, by Velcro belt tightly. put the laptop on the tray and fasten it Joint Knob Quick Release I —> Base Screw —> fi O Screw Nut I ^ Link Brackets <—I Washer...

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