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Инструкция по эксплуатации La Pavoni, модель PL-16

Производитель: La Pavoni
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As the froth rises slowly lower the cup, always staying even with the top of the milk surface. Adjust the pressure of the steam via the steam knob. Close the knob before removing cup as not to make a mess. 4 Steaming using the cappuccino automatic device: To Mount: The steam knob should be in the closed position. Remove the plated steam arm, (use a towel as it may be warm to the touch if previously used) by turning up and pulling outward. Replace with the black aerator cup by pushing in. Place the plastic tube into a container of milk. Milk should not be direct from refrigerator. Remove milk from the refrigerator a few minutes before using. To Make Cappuccino: Make sure your la Pavoni machine has reached the proper operating temperature, steam switch should be on and the coffee/ ready switch (9) should be illuminated. Place a cup under the aerator opening, open the steam knob two complete turns. Milk will be drawn into the aerator and dispensed into the cup. When the desired amount of milk has been dispensed, stop the flow of milk by closing the steam knob. To clean, place the tube into a clean glass of water, open the steam knob and allow a few ounces of water to cycle through into a cup. 4. CLEANING: A. After frothing, clean the steam spout by removing your cup and opening the steam knob (5) for a few seconds, this keeps the nozzle clear of milk. Wipe nozzle clean with damp cloth.The spout can be removed by gently pulling downward. Disassemble the frother and clean in warm water weekly. B. Clean the filter by soaking overnight in water. Hold filter up to a light to see if holes are free and clear. Allow water to cycle through the handle & filter at the end of each days use by installing onto machine and pressing the coffee switch for 10 seconds. 5. MAINTAINANCE: A. Turn off unit when not in use. B. Never immerse the unit in water. C. The filter group gets hot during use, keep unprotected hands away. D. Never run the coffee maker without water in the tank. E. Do not leave water in the tank overnight as it will cause undue wear on the gaskets. Fill with fresh water before every use. 5 6. DESCALING YOUR MACHINE: It is necessary to descale the machine every 4 to 6 months. Use a liquid descaling product made for coffee machines or urns. A. Fill the tank (3) and add the descaling product. Follow the manufacturers recomendation for 36 oz. of water. B. Turn on the power switch (4) and the coffee/ ready switch (9) and let the water flow for 20 seconds into a cup. Then turn the coffee switch off. C. Allow the solution to soak in the machine for 15 minutes with the machine in the on position. D. Run the machine, via the (coffee/ ready switch 9) until almost all the water has exited from the tank. Do not let the water tank (3) run dry. Turn off the machine, empty the water tank and replace with clean water. ~ Repeat above steps until the water appears clear from the group head. These procedures are done without the coffee handle in place. 7. TROUBLESHOOTING 1. The appliance does not work and the switch lights do not illuminate. ~ The appliance is not plugged in/no current. 2. Coffee does not come out or exits slow. ~ There is no water in the tank, follow priming instructions. ~ The coffee is ground too fine or packed too tightly. Clean filter basket by soaking overnight, hold up to light to check. 3. Coffee is not hot enough. ~ Run a few ounces of hot water through the group, the empty coffee handle and filter before adding coffee. ~ Allow the machine to reach proper temp. coffee/ ready switch (9) should be illuminated. Place a large cup under the group. Turn on the coffee switch by pressing down and allow water to flow freely into the cup. Do this for about 10 seconds then turn off. 4. The coffee comes out from the side of the filter holder (10) ~ The filter holder was not properly inserted or should be cleaned. ~ There is too much coffee in the filter. ~ The group gasket is worn out, machine should be serviced. 5. The machine does not produce "crema" ~ The filter holder must be serviced or the coffee was not ground fine enough. 6. The appliance does not deliver steam ~ Clean the holes of the nozzle (6). ~ Steam switch (12) should be on and coffee/ ready switch (9) should be illuminated. Warning: If problems cannot be corrected then please call us directly Monday -Friday at 1-800-927-0277 for the name of a service center in your area. You may also visit our website for a list of repair facilities. 6 TECHNICAL FEATURES: Model: PL-16 & PAB-16 Dimensions: W:9.5 H:12 Weight: 14 lbs. Tank Capacity:36 oz. Steam Delivery: 5 minutes Max. pump pressure: 16 bars Power supply: 110 V- 50 Hz. Absorbed power: 950 W Protections: Thermal fuse cutoff Accessories: Measuring spoon Filter holder with one coffee filter basket Rubber pod adapter Pod filter Cappuccino automatic attachment User's manual EUROPEAN GIFT & HOUSEWARE 514 SOUTH 5TH. AVE MT. VERNON, NY 10550 PH: 1-800-927-0277 FX: 1-914-664-3257 sales@europea...

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