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Инструкция по эксплуатации FireplaceXtrordinair, модель VFHS-20R-4

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20,000 BTUH Min. 7,000 BTUH VFHS-20/10T can be converted to 10,000 BTU for Bedroom Installation Max. 10,000 BTUH Min. 7,000 BTUH VFHS-20R Main Burner Operation The gas control modulates from a minimum input of 14,000 BTU/HR (LO setting) to a maximum input of 20,000 BTU/HR (HI setting). Cleaning and Maintenance / Main Burner Warning: Turn off heater and let cool before cleaning. Caution: You must keep control areas, burner and circulating air passageways of heater clean. Inspect these areas of heater before each use. Have heater inspected yearly by a qualified service person. Heater may need more frequent cleaning due to excessive lint from carpeting, bedding materials, etc. Logs Be careful cleaning and handling logs so as not to damage them. If logs break or fall apart in handling, spray the broken pieces and fibers with water, sweep up and discard. VFHS-20T CONVERSION TO VFHS-10T FOR BEDROOM INSTALLATION For installation in a bedroom the VFHS-20T, 20,000 Btu input must be converted to a VFHS-10T 10,000 input fireplace. Attention: Main burner orifice for conversion to VFHS-10T is located in your Owner's Envelope. Bedroom Installation: VFHS-10T Only Thebedroommustbeanunconfined space.ANSIZ223.1/NFPA54 defines an unconfined space as “a space whose volume is not less than 50 cubic feet per 1,000 Btu per hour (4.8m3 per kw) of the aggregate input rating of all appliances installed in that space.” Refer to "Provisions for Adequate Combustion and Ventilation Air," Page 6. Instructions for Conversion of a VFHS-20T into a VFHS-10T: 1. If installed, turn OFF gas supply to fireplace. 2. Lift upward to remove screen front. 3. Remove logs from fireplace. 4. Remove rear log support from inner casing [three (3) 10 x 1/2" screws]. 5. Disconnect supply tubing from orifice fitting. 6. Remove air shutter and orifice fitting from venturi (throat) of main burner by removing one (1) Phillips screw. 7. For Natural gas only, remove coupling from orifice fitting. 8. Remove air shutter from orifice fitting. 9. For Natural gas only, remove 20,000 Btu main burner orifice marked 49 from orifice fitting and replace with 10,000 Btu main burner orifice marked 1.30mm. 9. For Propane (LP) gas only, remove 20,000 Btu, main burner orifice marked 55 from orifice fitting and replace with 10,000 Btu main burner orifice marked 64. 10. Replace air shutter onto orifice fitting. 11. For Natural gas only, replace coupling onto orifice fitting. 12. Attach air shutter and orifice fitting onto venturi (throat) of main burner with one (1) Phillips screw from Step 6. Attention: Air shutter will have a 1/16" opening on Natural gas. Air shutter will be fully open on Propane (LP) gas. 13. Attach supply tubing onto orifice fitting. 14. Attach rear log support to inner casing with three (3) 10 x 1/2" screws from Step 4. 15. Turn on gas supply to fireplace and check all gas connections for leaks with soap solution, watching for bubbles on all gas connections. 16. Install logs into fireplace, refer to "Log Placement", Page 12. 17. Replace screen front onto fireplace. 18. Check main burner flame for proper flame characteristics. Refer to "Operation Instructions/Flame Appearance, Page 13. 19. Refertoratingplateinordertocheckboxforwhichinstallation applies, either 20,000 or 10,000 Btu input. 20. Conversion from 20,000 Btu to 10,000 Btu input fireplace is completed. Page 16 16717-2-0605 WIRING Label all wires prior to disconnection when servicing controls. VFHS-20R Wiring Diagram Wiring errors can cause improper and dangerous operation. Verify proper operation after servicing. Millivolt thermopile is self powered, gas valve does not require 110 volts. Maximum length of 20 feet of 16 AWG to conductor wires is to be used with all optional switches. Use the two leads (Brown and Black/Red wires) to attach optional components. Check 750 Millivolt System Operation Millivolt system and all individual components may be checked with a millivolt meter 0-1000 MV range. Remote Receiver Use the following steps to place the remote receiver adjacent to the gas valve. Attention: The remote receiver bracket is not used in this installation. 1. The remote receiver can not be placed behind the gas valve and burner assembly. 2. When facing the appliance, the remote receiver must be placed to the right of the gas valve and burner assembly. Note: Do not let remote control receiver come in contact with burner assembly. On circulating vent-free firebox, install remote control receiver behind bottom louver. Refer to remote control installation and operating instructions for more details on remote control. Figure 19 . 16717-2-0605 Page 17 TROUBLESHOOTING SYMPTOMS - POSSIBLE CAUSES AND CORRECTIONS Turn appliance OFF and allow to cool before servicing. Only a qualified service person should service and repair the heater. 1. When ignitor button is pressed, there is no spark at ODS/ pilot. a. Ignitor electrode positioned wrong - Replace pilot. b. Ignitor electrode is broken - Replace pilot. c. ...

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