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Инструкция по эксплуатации Lennox International Inc., модель MERIT PLUS MPB4540CNE-B

Производитель: Lennox International Inc.
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Before installing the appliance, follow these steps: 1. Remove the shipping carton. 2. Remove the shipping pad, exposing the front glass door. 3. Open the spring latch securingthe glass door (under the fi rebox fl oor). Remove the door by tilting it outward at the bottom and liftingit up. Set the door aside, taking care to protect it from inadvertentdamage. See Removing the GlassEnclosure Panel on Page 19. 4. Remove the log set from the fi rebox. Handle logs carefully to prevent breakage. 5. Remove the embers and volcanic stone from the control compartment. TYPICAL INSTALLATION SEQUENCE The typical sequence of installation is outlined below; however, each installation is unique and may result in variations to the steps described. See the pages referenced in the following steps for detailed procedures. Step 1. FRAMING (Page 7): Construct the appliance framing. Position the appliance within the framing and secure with nailing nailing fl anges and fl oor anchor tabs. Bend out the appropriate nailing fl anges for the drywall/fi nish material to be used. Nailing fl anges are provided for fl ush framing, 1/2 in. and 5/8 in. framing depths (see Figure 10). Step 2. ROUTING GAS LINE (Page 9): Route gas supply line to appliance location. Step 3. INSTALLING VENT SYSTEM (Page 10): Install the vent system and exterior termination. Step 4. FIELD WIRING (Page 11). a. Millivolt Appliances—Install the operating control switch (not factory provided). If installing the optional forced air circulating blower, bring in electrical service line. b. Electronic Appliances—Field wire and install operating control switch. Step 5. WIRING—OPTIONAL FORCED AIR BLOWER KIT (Page 12). Step 6. CONNECTING GAS LINE (Page 12): Make connection to gas supply. Step 7. INSTALLING OPTIONAL OUTSIDE AIR KIT (Page 13) Step 8. VERIFYING APPLIANCE OPERATION (Page 14). Step 9. INSTALLING VOLCANIC STONE, GLOWING EMBERS, AND LOGS (Page 14). Step 10. REMOVING AND INSTALLING THE GLASS DOOR (Page 19). Step 11. BURNER ADJUSTMENTS (Page 19): Adjust burner primary air shutter to achieve proper fl ame appearance. Step 12. TESTING VENT OPERATION (Page 21) Vent operation test and (safety limit) switch operation. Step 13. HOOD INSTALLATION (Page 21). Step 14. FINISHING REQUIREMENTS (Page 21) Step 15. ATTACHING SAFETY-INOPERATION WARNINGS (Page 21). DETAILED INSTALLATION STEPS STEP 1. FRAMING Frame the appliance as illustrated in Figure 9 on Page 8. All framing details must allow for a minimum clearance to combustible framing members as shown in the table on Page 8. If the appliance is to be elevated above fl oor level, a solid continuous platform must be constructed below the appliance. Note: The framed depth, 16 in. (406 mm) from a framed wall, must always be measured from a finished surface. If a wall covering such as drywall is to be attached to the rear wall, then the 16 in. (406 mm) must be measured from the drywall surface. It is important that this dimension be exact. Headers may be in direct contac...

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