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Инструкция по эксплуатации Maytag, модель WINSLOW PI40

Производитель: Maytag
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When installation is complete, the trim should be gently cleaned with soft cloth and either alcohol or glass cleaner. Do not overtighten nuts, overtightening can create visible dimples on the plated surface. To Install Door Trim: 1. Remove the trim pieces and hardware from its packaging and ensure that all pieces are present before beginning installation. Take care not to scratch finished surfaces. 2. Open right and left side door. The side doors swivel open towards the back of the insert. See Figure 16. 3. Open front door. Put trim in place by inserting trim studs into the corresponding holes in the door (Figures 14 and 15). The top piece of trim will only fit in one direction, but the bottom piece can be installed incorrectly. When placing the bottom piece of trim, make sure there is a 9/16” gap between the top of the trim piece and the glass in the door. See Figure 18. Pellet Stove Door Trim Pieces Pellet Insert Door Trim Pieces Figure 14 Figure 13 NOTE: DIAGRAMS & ILLUSTRATIONS ARE NOT TO SCALE. 13NOTE: DIAGRAMS & ILLUSTRATIONS ARE NOT TO SCALE. Trim stud Door Handle Holes for trim studs Trim Nuts #10 washers Trim Pieces Top of Trim A Figure15Figure16Figure17Figure184. Place one washer on each stud. Using a 3/8” nut driver, snug up the nuts on each piece of trim. Do not finish tightening the nuts yet. See Figure19. 5. There should be approximately a 7/8” (22 mm) gap between the top edge of the upper trim and the top edge of the door and a 1-1/2” (38 mm) gap between the bottom trim to the bottom of the door. Visually inspect the alignment of the trim and adjust if necessary. See Figure20. 6. Finish tightening nuts. CAUTION - DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN NUTS, DIMPLING OF THE TRIM WILL OCCUR!!! Figure20Figure19 Door Grill Installation Instructions 3. Rotate the grill back to the horizontal position and re-install the four button head screws through the two holes at each end of the grill and Parts Needed into the insert body. See Figures 23 and 24. Qty (4) Button Head Screws (already in place in insert) Tools Required: 1/8” allen wrench To install the Grill: 1. Remove the four button head screws from body of the insert with a 1/8” allen wrench. See Figure 21. 2. Pull the scraper rod out, rotate the grill vertically, (with the notch to the left) and slide the grill over the scraper rod (slide the rod between the third and fourth bar). See Figure 22. Rotate Grill Back To Horizontal Position Figure23 Figure21Button Head Screw Re-install Button Head Screws Figure24 Slider Rod Between 3rd & 4th Bar Notch Figure 22 NOTE: DIAGRAMS & ILLUSTRATIONS ARE NOT TO SCALE. Brick Panel Installation Brick Panel Installation Kit Contents Brick Panel (A) 4 Tap Tights (B) Tools Required Drill (90° drill recommended) #18 drill bit 5/32 allen wrench A Figure 25 B Note: The brick panel comespre-painted with Metallic Black paint. The brick panel may be painted with any color of high-temp paint (paint may discolor with use). 1. Remove the front door of the pellet insert. To remove the front door, open the two side panels, swing open the front door, and lift it up and off of its hinges. Remove the optional log set, if present, and the burn pot. Figure26 2. Remove all pellets and ash from the firebox to ensure a proper fit for the brick panel. 3. Insert the brick panel, top first, as shown in Figure 27. The two cut out corners should be at the bottom. Figure 27 4. Make sure that the brick panel is centered, with equal space on either side of the auger tube. While holding the panel in place, use the drill with a #18 drill bit to drill out the four holes in the back of the firebox, as shown in Figure 28. Figure28 NOTE: DIAGRAMS & ILLUSTRATIONS ARE NOT TO SCALE. Screw in the four tap tights, included with this kit, using a 5/32 allen 6. Replace the burn pot and check that it is firmly in place (if you can wrench. rotate the burn pot it is not installed correctly). If present, install the optional log set according to the log set installation instructions (included with your log set). 7. Re-hang the door by reversing the instructions in step 1. Figure 29 NOTE: DIAGRAMS & ILLUSTRATIONS ARE NOT TO SCALE. cut lines cut lines Bracket correctly placed E Log Set Installation Instructions Kit Contents (refer to Figure 30) Cat. No. #H514 Qty (1) left log (B) (1) right log (C) (1) front log (D) (2) log support brackets (E) B C D E Figure 30 Figure 32 Tools Required None CAUTION: The logs can be damaged if they are not handled with care! To Install the log set: 1. Remove the two log support brackets from the box and bend the ends of the brackets 90 degrees at the cut lines. See Figure 31. 2. One bracket goes into the left corner and the other into the right corner of the firebox. Rotate the brackets so they are placed as shown in Figure 32. The bracket fits between the back of the firebox and the air wash at the front of the insert. 3. Remove the ceramic logs from the box and carefully unwrap them. Position each back log (Figure 33, B, C) in their proper p...

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