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Инструкция по эксплуатации Monessen Hearth, модель SSDVPF-CNE-B

Производитель: Monessen Hearth
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Название файла: Lennox_Hearth_SSDVST_SSDVPF_Installation_700031M.pdf
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These approved vent system components are labeled for identification. DO NOT use any other manufacturer’s vent components with these appliances. GENERAL INFORMATION WARNING Young children should be carefully supervised when they are in the same room as the appliance. Toddlers, young children and others may be susceptible to accidental contact burns. A physicalbarrierisrecommended if there are at risk individuals in the house. To restrict access to a fireplace or stove, install an adjustable safety gate to keep toddlers, young children and other at risk individuals out of the room and away from hot surfaces. AVERTISSEMENT Lesjeunesenfantsdevraientetre surveillesetroitementlorsqu’ils se trouvent dans la meme piece que l’appareil. Les tout petits, lesjeunesenfantsoulesadultes peuvent subir des brulures s’ils viennent en contact avec la sur facechaude. Ilestrecommande d’installerunebarrierephysique si des personnes a risques habitent la maison. Pour empecher l’acces a un foyer ou a un poele, installez une barriere de securite; cettemesureempecherales tout petits, les jeunes enfants et toute autre personne a risque d’avoir acces a la piece et aux surfaces chaudes. Children and adults should be alerted to the hazards of high surface temperature and should stay away to avoid burns or clothing ignition. Les enfants et les adultes devraient etre informesdesdangersqueposentlestemperatures de surface elevees et se tenir a distance afin d’eviter des brulures ou que leurs vetements ne s’enflamment. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ALTER OR MODIFY THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE APPLIANCE OR ITS COMPONENTS. ANY MODIFICATION OR ALTERATION MAY VOID THE WARRANTY, CERTIFICATION AND LISTINGS OF THIS UNIT. WARNING WARNING WARNING Failure to comply with these installationinstructionswillresult in an improperly installed and operating appliance, voiding its warranty. Any change to this appli ance and/or its operating controls is dangerous. WARNING Clothing or other flammable material should not be placed on or near the appliance. AVERTISSEMENT On ne devrait pas placer de vetements ni d’autres matieres inflammables sur l’appareil ni a proximite. WARNING Any safety screen or guard removed for servicing the appliance must be replaced prior to operating the appliance. AVERTISSEMENT Tout ecran ou protecteur retire pour permettre l’entretien de l’appareil doit etre remis en place avant de mettre l’appareil en marche. WARNING Improper installation or use of this appliancecan cause serious injury or death from fire, burns, explosion or carbon monoxide poisoning. Note: Installation and repair should be done by a qualified service person. The appliance should be inspected before use and at least annually by a professional service person. More frequent cleaning may be required due to excessive lint from carpeting, bedding material, etcetera. It is imperative that control compartments, burners and circulating air passageways of the appliance be kept clean. Remarque : L’installation et la reparation devrait etre confiees a un technicien qualifie. L’appareil devrait faire l’objet d’une inspection par un technicien professionnel avant d’etre utilise et au moins une fois l’an par la suite. Des nettoyages plus frequents peuvent etre necessaires si les tapis, la literie, et cetera produisent une quantite importante de pous-siere. Il est essentiel que les compartimentsabritantlescommandes, lesbruleurset les conduits de circulation d’air de l’appareil soient tenus propres. Do not use these appliances if any part has been under water. Immediately call a qualified, professional service technician to inspect the appliance and to replace any parts of the control system and any gas control which have been under water. Ne pas utiliser cet appareil s’il a ete plonge, meme partiellement, dans l’eau. Appeler un technicien qualifie pour inspecter l’appareil et remplacer toute partie du systeme de commande et toute commande qui a ete plongee dans l’eau. Only trim kit(s) supplied by the manufacturer shall be used in the installation of this appliance. Seules les trousses de garniture fournies par le fabricant doivent etre utilisees pour l’installation de cet appareil. These appliances comply with National Safety StandardsandaretestedandlistedbyOMNI-Test Laboratories, Inc. (Report No. 116-F-32-5) to ANSI Z21.88b (in Canada, CSA-2.33b), and CAN/CGA-2.17-M91 in both USA and Canada, as vented gas fireplace heaters. Both millivolt and electronic versions of these appliances are listed by OMNI-Test Laboratories for installation in bedrooms and Manufactured Homes. Misc. Codes / Standards The Installation must conform to local codes or, in the absence of local codes, with the National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223.1/NFPA 54 - latest edition (InCanada,thecurrentCAN/CSA-B149.1 installation code). The appliance, when installed, must be electrically grounded and wired in accordance with local codes or, in the absence of local codes, with the National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA 70 -latest edition, or...

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